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  1. nikolai_resnov

    Secrets and lies: an act of dispair (open high school rp)

    The year is 2065, the world has changed so vastly but it had the same old problems with a few new ones, these new problems involved a government experimental unit know as N.E.X.U.S now no one knew what this units main purpose was, of course minor disappearances of people were no big issue as it...
  2. nikolai_resnov

    The calm before the storm (open rp)

    (relationships are encouraged but not required, but i hope all have fun) The world is in a mass turmoil friends and neighbors become enemies as countries turn against each other. The world just needs one spark to enter into an all out war but even in this time there is still one shop run by a...
  3. nikolai_resnov

    lost off the radar (open group survival rp)

    In the north Pacific region there is an island which has been deemed by local governments as being restricted naval and air space, it seems strange that an island full of foliage would be restricted, but deep in the interior of the island there is a Village which houses: a Laboratory, Comms...
  4. nikolai_resnov

    And from out that shadow (open post apocalyptic rp)

    Hello to you all, this is an open post apocalyptic rp that will be done here in the threads of this forum, the rules are fairly simple: 1. Respect your fellow roleplayers 2. Relationship development between characters is welcomed 3. No crush stealing 4. No god modding 5. Have fun and enjoy...
  5. nikolai_resnov

    just looking for rp's

    Hello, i am here looking for roleplayers, unfortunately my phone is slightly outdated so i can't really get social media apps for some reason but i am more than happy to do pm rp's or forum rp's both normal or nsfw, my character is a dominant, bi male so i open to quite a bit, i'm hoping to get...
  6. nikolai_resnov

    Zootopia rp?

    Looking for someone to do a zootopia rp, kinda bored and looking for an rp partner
  7. nikolai_resnov

    looking for an nsfw no limit +18 rp partner

    This rp will have no limits as to what will happen and will take place in pm, all rp's are welcome from cub (friends growing up together) to full blown smut (includinding incest, cub, and several others if thats what your into) i'm just bored and need an rp