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  1. Inignem

    Does anyone have a video or a tutorial about how to rotate the cube?

    I want to rotate the cube in every degree to understand how angles change as the figure moves. However I have been unable to find videos that show how the cube rotates. I have seen this video http://youtu.be/50EjlzVsQM8 but I am under the idea that since the cube is an object where every...
  2. Inignem

    Love is overrated.

    I sit down, take a deep breath and relax. I exist. Alone in my room, I have eaten today and I have drunk. For the following hours Im perfect. Theres oxygen. Even not in my room, anywhere else, it is just me and the universe. Doesnt matter if its my room, the space, the moon or the subway...
  3. Inignem

    Can somebody please be my friend?

    Im an alone, sad little fox and I have no friends. All my contacts in skype have died (or I preffer to think that since they no longer reply to me). I dont know where to get new friends. I have no friends irl and I have noone to talk online. Where can I get furry friends? :( I hate to see how...
  4. Inignem

    Scratch scratch meow poke Hi

    Hello. Just felt like coming here because I have been a furry since 2007 and right now Im drawing in my bedroom but I feel very alone and I have noone to talk right now. So, write me something, whatever to dont feel so alone.