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  1. Chibi-Choko

    What's Your Earworm Of The Day?

    I'm playing this in band and it is VERY CATCHY
  2. Chibi-Choko

    Post something odd about you!

    I'm afraid to ask but- how did you find this out?
  3. Chibi-Choko

    What video game are you playing...

    Dargonrompa: Trigger Happy
  4. Chibi-Choko

    Show Recommendations?

    Anime is basically all I watch. Hunter x Hunter is really good.
  5. Chibi-Choko

    Is life worth living alone?

    There are many ways to be alone. I'm guessing you mean physically alone? Then that rocks lol
  6. Chibi-Choko


    Homie bout to throw fists
  7. Chibi-Choko

    Favorite writing style?

    I really like Gary Paulsen, especially ¨The island¨
  8. Chibi-Choko

    What are you reading?

    Bleach vol 10 Black Brother, Black Brother by Jewell Parker Rhodes
  9. Chibi-Choko

    Your fictional character crush

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood :P
  10. Chibi-Choko

    Your fictional character crush

  11. Chibi-Choko

    Nöff nöff from Finland

    yoooooooooo welcome my doood
  12. Chibi-Choko

    Free Art: Taking a few requests

    Can you draw Helix? https://www.furaffinity.net/view/45701816/
  13. Chibi-Choko

    Any fellow Lyricist here? =p

    wellll sorta. It's a pov of a broken Furby that has been thrown out by its owner wanted revenge, got the idea when watching a video by matt rose.
  14. Chibi-Choko

    Any fellow Lyricist here? =p

    Folk tune sorta ig: You threw me away Along with all of the other toys In the trash, I lied Until last night Nightmarish sound I make As soon as I wake From dawn to dusk Luck won't help you I command the rats They march at every beck and call They crawl in the walls At my every beck and call...
  15. Chibi-Choko

    Show me your art!

  16. Chibi-Choko

    thoughts on the idea of making combat furry suits

    Yea, but it would be useless in combat. Like, imagine you see a brightly colored fox aim at you with an Ak. To add to it, fursuits have low visibility as is.
  17. Chibi-Choko

    Top of the Flops

    There is no song it's just a trombone missing all the notes to ¨Hot Cross Buns¨, that's it.
  18. Chibi-Choko

    Post something odd about you!

    It's just the right ear?
  19. Chibi-Choko

    Considering Moving to a Small Town

    The worst IMO is the HOAs near lakes. They ALWAYS hog them, saying nobody but the members of the HOA can use it. Even if the lake is in your bloody backyard. :/