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  1. sarcasticmoth

    Skunk backpack: awesome, or too much?

    I think this belongs here, since it's sort of apparel. I just got a new backpack from HotTopic (ugh, I know) and I couldn't resist. It's a backpack with a hood and a tail clipped to the zipper. It has ears and a skunky design on it. (pics below) I love it to death, and I think it's freaking...
  2. sarcasticmoth

    Favorite places to eat?

    Right now I'm standing in a LONG ASS line for Chipotle and I'm starving. Thus burrito will be worth the wait, though. Where are your favorite places to eat? Mom & pop restaurants? Fast food? Edit: Chipotle is the only goddamn place I'll play close to $7 for a burrito. Js.
  3. sarcasticmoth


    I'm sarcasticmoth! My real name's Maxine. I'm 18 and I live in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Basically Orlando. I live in an apartment with my boyfriend and my best friend. I like video games, the internet, conventions, sleeping, eating, etc. Favorite games are Skyrim, Assassins Creed, and Red...