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  1. midnightsparky

    The Producer's trickbook

    Lots of little bits over the years, though if I had one that strikes to the forefront... it would be kicks n bass ------- Depending on sampler/software... If your bass does not sound right with kicks/other bass... try reversing the polarity of either the kick or bass and/or the phasing/timing...
  2. midnightsparky

    Any heavy/dark experimental & bass music producers?

    My stuff is a bit squirrelly and all over... I really should visit my soundcloud, but meh. Most recent stuff is in my FA gall. Exp/different certainly Artwork Gallery for SalacornMidnightSparky -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Most my work is orientated for boot bumpin as I have got 4kw of subs in...
  3. midnightsparky

    How do other artists line so neatly?

    Honestly, I find that inking can be a real PITA... if your are a perfectionist as I am... I've toyed around with both vectors and regular inking. Vectors are handy to correct stroke oddities/errors, but can be tedious to edit. Flip side is scalability...I've done a few pieces in vectors and was...
  4. midnightsparky

    How open are you about being a furry?

    I can totally understand the OP. In a perfect world, we all could be transparent about our likes, interests and etc, with no worries or fear...but reality sucks. I am not in education... but my mum has a masters and is a teacher... and I can tell you right now, in this day and age with social...
  5. midnightsparky

    What kind of animal would you want to be irl?

    A squirrel. Up and down and all around here I go. I honestly would have fun I reckon. Being an animal is one thing, if ya get the brain too as you have now... oh that would be fun.
  6. midnightsparky

    My condolences to the staff who had to put up with those pics

    Learn something new every day... never heard that term before. Clusters of holes don't bother me (such as that plant, honeycombs, rotten fruits w/insects... stuff like that). Holes/seriously infection sites on animals caused by parasitic insects do though. When I first saw those on the main...
  7. midnightsparky

    Users blocking each other

    I've never used any block or block-like feature on any interactive online community boards/chat ever. Growing up I concluded there will always be haters, hooligans and all sorts of in between. YT comments are an example (as well as other places mentioned by others already) Honestly its not...
  8. midnightsparky

    Why does nearly everyone in modern society act the same?

    Thats a good question... yet at the same time those that really go against the grain either go unnoticed... or get flak like crazy... The bandwagon sucks, it is sad that so many dont be unique and ignore real potential... it would be better if people would really just be their real selves...