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    We are aware of this situation and monitoring it closely. Closing this thread, as it seems to have turned into a flame fest. Not cool, furfags, not cool.
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    Just real quick

    This is my opinion, not necessarily FurAffinity policy: If you were to write a story that had enough gore that you thought it merited a mature rating, I would not have a problem with you submitting it as "Mature", even though you would normally not be able to view work at that level. This...
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    Banned users on "Watched by" list.

    Additionally, this would do nothing to actually fix the problem you're talking about. After all, if they're already ban evading, then they are watching you with the new (unbanned) account.
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    My picture isn't being viewed properly on FA

    Edit the image and reupload it. Oh, and file a trouble ticket with this sort of thing in the future.
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    Question about photography "art" project, allowed to post processes for coyote pelt?

    Re: Question about photography "art" project, allowed to post processes for coyote pe This thread has far outlived its usefulness.
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    Note Block?

    Try the Block List under Profile Info.
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    Question about photography "art" project, allowed to post processes for coyote pelt?

    Re: Question about photography "art" project, allowed to post processes for coyote pe Final result, maybe. Process photos, no.
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    09 December 2009

    Hello everyone! After much work by FurAffinity staff and some dear friends of the website, we're back again, in a brand new location! Please bear with us - the site will be agonizingly slow as it gets slammed by users. Things should smooth out over the next half day or so as people calm...
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    Many thanks, and a question about the new hosting.

    For the record, looking at netblocks like that isn't such a useful metric. While it does provide some indicator of the NOC's quality in their choice of clients, it's primarily useful in one situation - that is, when the owner of the netblock is the site operator. Unfortunately, it's not so...
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    starting a FA group

    In case you guys are looking for confirmation... Aurali is right. Non-art groups are verboten. Short, sweet, simple. (Aurali, you took all my words. :( )
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    close account

    Close thread? Sure, I can close the thread!
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    Possible Script Expliot

    The server has built in limiting functions. If a user makes over a certain number of HTTP requests per second, the webserver will start choking them. That being said, we certainly do /not/ recommend using these kinds of add-ons. They are a burden on the server, and we will take action against...
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    A question about passwords

    Just because people aren't an administrator, doesn't mean they don't know what they're talking about.
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    How do I get a banner up?

    Daily banners are commissioned by Dragoneer, and placed up on a monthly rotation. With some daily banners for certain holidays. They are by invitation only; there is no process to submit a banner for approval. Thank you for the interest, however!
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    October 27, 2009 - Site Slowdown

    Temporarily disabled the ad server. Don't have time to retune the caches tonight. Stupid 'needing sleep'.
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    October 27, 2009 - Site Slowdown

    There have been some sporadic reports of site slowdown as a result of the ad server. I've done a quick and very dirty fix that will not last very long. Still at work - I'll take a more in depth look when I get home. Sorry everyone.
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    Site won't load.

    Hit me up on AIM so I can debug it with you in real time.
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    Site won't load.

    Does it work in IE?
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    Site won't load.

    Our ad server is running fine. Is this still happening?
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    Deceased tag

    This is my opinion, not an official message from the FurAffinity administrative staff. I have some concerns about titling a user "dead." Unless we have verification that an account holder is the actual account holder, and that they are dead.... Either way, a ban is simpler. Faking ones...