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  1. Frost Doll

    Mindcontrol rp looking for sub partner (nsfw +18)

    Hey sorry if im spamming But im looking for a sub rp partner im bisexual so ethier male or female will work for me so if your interested we can explain better in a pm
  2. Frost Doll

    Mindcontrol nsfw rp submissive needed

    hi there i might be spamming well i think i am but if i am sorry But anyway im looking for a nsfw submissive rper that is wanting to do mindcontrol if so just message below your discord or send me a conversation
  3. Frost Doll

    Looking for a nsfw rp sub partner long term

    Hiya sorry to bother people but im looking for a nsfw sub rper if so just start a conversation with me on this website or add me on discord its Frostdoll#3212 if discord doesnt work message below your discord ill add and discuss there thanks have a great day or night
  4. Frost Doll

    Mindcontrol RP NSFW (submissive needed)

    So yeah me again looking for a submissive rper long term one if possible Ill rp if your character is ethier a robotic character slime character or a scalie character (other characters can be discussed) If you wish to rp with me or be well a rp partner with me just add me on discord or add me...
  5. Frost Doll

    Looking for a nsfw rp partner long term

    Soo hiya its me again sorry if this is kinda like the same post as the other but i am looking for an rp partnrr or well in a way maybe a group kinda rp never tried one But anyway you should only be interested if you like mindcontrol or hypnotise ethier one but submissive people only any gender...
  6. Frost Doll

    Mindcontrol RP NSFW (submissive needed)

    Hi im new to this well place cause i wasnt more of a open minded person but i thought of well trying to be more confident and try to ask people from different places instead of just from just friends i already know Anyway im looking for well a nsfw sub rper but sadly i dont rp with any human...