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  1. Xela-Dasi

    Research study on furries (Department of Psychology at Northwestern University.)

    This is an interesting survey concerning on the sexual orientation, erotic interests, personality, and identity aspects of furries. Now before someone goes ''furry is not a sexual blabla'' Yes. We all know. contrary to most survey we had posted here on this forum, this one is actually for...
  2. Xela-Dasi

    Any projects you want to share?

    Heyyy, do you people have any projects you want to share here? I have. I made a huge website that took me 2 years to make with my team of engineers It works on every device and is a masterpiece. http://realgangstershit.com/ (nsfw for the ears) you like it? 10/10 ? so yeah. Do you have a...
  3. Xela-Dasi

    Why is gay furry porn better quality?

    Why? Straight or lesbian or any other type of yiff stuff is inferior. I'm jealous. Why do faggots get all the good quality porn? You know what? Im going to ask a doctor to turn me gay. maybe there is less gay yiff, but it always tend to be better quality. This could be a rant and raves but...
  4. Xela-Dasi

    Anyone fear google?

    Does anyone fear google taking over the internet in the future? I mean, they are really powerful. I would hate to see every popular website to be google based, it would have too much power and it would control the biggest media source of the world, google could express any opinion it wants. If...
  5. Xela-Dasi

    Account Problem: Change name?

    I saw a thread about name changes and you could get you name changed there but I can't seem to find it any more. Wanted to rename myself to ninja, so I could write ninja four times on my profile
  6. Xela-Dasi

    Operating system furries use

    What operating system do you use on your computer?
  7. Xela-Dasi

    Any Linux users?

    So I was thinking of downloading Linux. I watched some versions and my two favorites are Linux Ubuntu and Linux mint.(for the desktop features). But I don't know which one to choose. I want to get a fully personalized background and apparently, Linux mint is better for this kind of stuff but I...
  8. Xela-Dasi

    Homeless "win" the lottery

    Okay, so watch this video. http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2014/03/05/un-sans-abri-gagne-a-la-loterie (I will translate what's in the link here) ARGG This is my second time I am doing this thread because I erased it. Rahat, a nice prankster on youtube, decided to bring joy in the life of a...
  9. Xela-Dasi

    Loved one has depression

    Yesterday I found out my mom had depression and she wanted to kill herself. Yesterday she saw on facebook someone sending a "love letter" on the facebook wall of my father and she tought that he was cheating on her. She is not very good with the internet and computers. She told my father about...
  10. Xela-Dasi

    World record biggest wave surfing at Nazare!

    This record dates from october 2013, so it's kind of new. The deadliest (and biggest) waves are located at Portugal, Nazare. http://goo.gl/maps/W4V6e *Nazare is close to the town of my family in Portugal so when I go there I get to see Nazare's waves :D*...
  11. Xela-Dasi

    I feel bad

    So a few hours ago, I broke the wrist of my friend at school at the gym. How it happened me and my friend, (we are 16 years old) Were just having some fun at the gym, then I pushed him, then he fell, and then he broke his wrist. Of course, now I am feeling really bad. (he almost fainted) He...
  12. Xela-Dasi

    "I am an idiot" moment

    What are your "I am an idiot moments" Every moment that make you look like an idiot may be written here. I hope it will go well. Some minutes ago I wanted to write " :v " but didn't remember how the smiley looked like. I tried : :< :> '< '.> ^> ^< :^ ¨< :> Then I had an...
  13. Xela-Dasi

    can't watch videos in Canada

    If you are from Canada or from Britain, you won't be able to see this video : http://tosh.comedycentral.com/video-clips/4ky324/web-redemption---furries-kid from this thread : http://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/239778-Furry-Kid-get-a-Web-Redemption-on-Tosh-0 there is a lot of videos I can't...
  14. Xela-Dasi

    My first intro! :D

    Hello! im kind of new to the fandom (3months), and to the forums, but i think i have seen enought introductions to make my own :D Who i am? i am a nice guy (i hope i am), i sometimes try to make funny jokes... and sometimes they dont work xD i make a lot of mistakes when i write...