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  1. RedDiamond02

    Need help with the redesign of an old fursona

    Hello everyone! today while I was taking a look at some very old drawings of mine, I found a poorly made art piece of a random character that I made more than 4 years ago. I don't know much about this character at all since I didn't write anything about her. All I know is that her name is...
  2. RedDiamond02

    In need of some outfits suggestions for a Dj sona

    Hello everyone. Yesterday I started working on a new character. His name is Chad and he is a 30 years old wolf that works as a professional Dj. I have already been able to think about his design and some traits of his personality. The only problem is that I have problems with coming up with a...
  3. RedDiamond02

    In need of random art prompts

    Hello everyone, While organizing my room during these days of quarantine I found a blank sketchbook that I would love to fill with drawings of my characters, though I would like to make this into some sort of challenge: in every page there will be a different prompt (verb, pose, phrase or word)...
  4. RedDiamond02

    In need of a name and personality suggestions for a new character of mine

    Hello everyone. Since I've recently started making comic pages so I also wanted to make myself some new characters that are going to be part of my projects. So, I made a male carcal character, his design is nothing special at all: natural fur colors and pattern, brown eyes, brown hair beard and...
  5. RedDiamond02

    Looking for art prompts for some of my newest characters

    Hello guys, I've recently made a bunch of new furry characters that I would really love to draw but I'm currently out of ideas and no matter how much I try, I still have problems with coming up with some ideas for my future drawings. Could you guys help me out with that? I've a few descriptions...
  6. RedDiamond02

    Need help with the making of an evil witch character

    Hello everyone! I've recently started working on a bunch of new characters that are all going go be featured in my future comics. One of these is Madame Vivian, a slightly clumsy white witch that loves helping others out with her magic. So, I was thinking about making another witch oc that it's...
  7. RedDiamond02

    Looking for a name for my future horror comic

    Hello guys, I've been working on my first comic series for quite a while now so I'm already starting to think about making a new comic once I've finished the one I'm currently working on. I have a lot of ideas in mind, in fact I'm already starting to work on some concept art for this new comic...
  8. RedDiamond02

    Looking for a name for a male pirate Oc

    Hi everyone! I've recently made a sketch of a new Oc of mine. I wanted to try making a pirate oc cause why not?? It wasn't hard to come up with colors, design and personality but I can't find a name that fits him even if I've been looking for one for 30 minutes. I'll shortly describe his...
  9. RedDiamond02

    Free art raffle!

    I'm currently hosting a free art raffle, all you have to do is to click on the link down below and read the description of the post to see what to do for joining www.furaffinity.net: Autumn art raffle (Open) by RedDiamond02
  10. RedDiamond02

    Need help for a male fox sona

    So, yesterday I was thinking about making a new character and I wanted it to be a fox. I already have a couple of ideas in mind: like the name and the colors of the fur. I was thinking about making his fur red, orange and yellow, maybe a bit of white as well, though I still have to figure out...
  11. RedDiamond02

    Are there any particular characteristics that make a sona unique?

    Hey everyone, I was thinking about making a more unique character, so I'd like to make something pretty unusual, a specific color scheme or fur markings. Since the character I'm planning to make is a fox, which is one of the most used species I wanted to make him different from the other sonas...
  12. RedDiamond02

    Looking for backround suggestions

    Hello everyone! Today I've been working on a nee drawing of my main sona Red, though I'm currently having some problems at coming up with a simple scenario for this pic, maybe something not too elaborate. Here's the link of the picture I've been working on: www.furaffinity.net: Coffee Break...
  13. RedDiamond02

    Are there any particular traits for a villain Oc?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently working on a bunch of new furry characters that will be featured in drawing and art pieces of mine. I was thinking about making one of those characters a villain, though I don't really have any ideas for her backstory and traits. The question is: do you guys know...
  14. RedDiamond02

    How to get out of an art block?

    Hello everyone! It seems that lately I have a lack of ideas for new drawings. I've been trying to come up with something but I didn't have any particular idea in mind. Maybe this is happening also due to a lack of motivation but I've always been able to come up with some good ideas. Could you...
  15. RedDiamond02

    What makes a comic interesting, in your opinion?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to Fur Affinity forums but I've been on FA for almost a year. In those two months I've been able to work on my first comic series that I called: "A Royal Sleepover" You can take a look at the first three pages by clicking here: Artwork Gallery for RedDiamond02 -- Fur...
  16. RedDiamond02

    Talking about my very first comic

    Hello everyone! In these couple of monts out of drawing random pictures of my characters, I've been working on a comic called: "A Royal Sleepover" that you could ceck out on my Fur Affinity gallery. It's a thing I wanted to do for such a long time but I didn't have enough skills to do so, but...