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  1. LabyrinthMaster

    I need advice to print a con badge (Updated)

    Heya! I recently bought a couple of badges of my character for future conventions and meets but I have a very small clue about how I'm supposed to print them out. Obviously, I have the HD versions ready for use, but I need to know which type of paper should I print it on for a better...
  2. LabyrinthMaster

    Holy Fudge! So many people here! :O Heya!

    Heya to all! (Excuse me if I make any grammar mistakes, I'm from France) Soo.. How can I start this.. Here I go: My name is LabyrinthMaster (Lab for short), you can also call me Rémi, that's my real name. I've joined the furry community last August 2013 but I've been loving all the...