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  1. Tully1991

    Name suggestions?!

    Okay so my last post didn't get but one reply so let me reword it a bit. I have a sona that I need help naming. Came up with him a few months ago but still can't decide a name. He is a sergal, is into industrial metal and styles of that nature and has a crazy, weird, and super expressive...
  2. Tully1991

    Need help! :P

    HiHi! I have a sergal sona and I need help naming him. I have had him for a few months now and cannot seem to think of a good cool name for him. Can I get some assistance my fellow furs? If you have any questions just ask away! Thankies in advance! :)
  3. Tully1991

    anyone close by?

    Hi fur guys and gals, just curious as to how many of you there are around the Atlanta, GA area? I only know three furs in real life but they all live hours away. Anyway, just thought I'd get to know some fellow Ga furfriends since it feels like im the only one around here hahah
  4. Tully1991

    make new friends?

    Hi, so (if this kinda thing is allowed) who all lives in or near griffin, ga? I dont have many friends and thought I would try a new method of meetign some cool new people. Anyway, have a great day!
  5. Tully1991

    need some assistance from fellow creative minds!

    What's up furguys and furgals I recently created this profile and the character I perceived as my sona but have now realised that this is merely just a character and not a representation of me. So I am asking for some assistance from creative people who may be able to help me figure out what my...
  6. Tully1991

    one or more?

    Hi, just curious as to how many others have more than one fursona? Or do most people have only one? I want to make more than one but was just curious if anyone else had more than one.
  7. Tully1991

    advice please?

    Hi, Idk if this gonna sound weird or not but thought I'd ask anyway. So I'm not new to being a furry but for years (since about elementary school, now I'm 23) I have suppressed it and never told or talked about it to anyone because at the time I viewed it as something people would criticize me...
  8. Tully1991

    help a new guy out?

    Hi, I'm new to cons/meets etc so was wondering if anyone could tell me of any fur meets/cons in or near Atlanta in the next year if possible? I really wanna go to one. Thanks in advance!
  9. Tully1991

    strictly online?

    Hi just wondering if people here on FAF socialize strictly online or if people occasionally meet in person or groups if they live near each other? I'm hoping to find some new fur friends that live near me at some point. Anyway, just thiught I'd ask since it was on my mind.
  10. Tully1991

    assistance from an artist and fursuit maker please!

    Hi guys, I just started here and an looking for someone to help me draw up my fursona and eventually turn it into a full fursuit. Any help is and will be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)
  11. Tully1991

    newbie furry here! :p HI!!!!!

    Hi guys! New furry here just wanting to introduce myself! Im a golden retriever named Tullamore(but you can call me Tully). I like all rock and heavy metal alike and love playing guitar and singing/screaming. My favorite colours are black and green...my favourite food is Japanese...My...