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  1. lettuc3

    (Commission) Selling: 25$ full-body commissions !!

    A bit tight on money & i rly wanna get my boyfriend a nice gift for his bday thats coming soon ,,, so i'll be doing 25$ fullbody + full color commissions !! here's some examples: I also do half body busts & so on if ur interested: You can check out more of my art at ...
  2. lettuc3

    Free Art: wanna draw some cute characters !!!

    back on my creative streak and wanna draw some cute ocs !!! tell me a lil something about them as well! bonus if u have cute clothing refs <3 will pick 3 to do :^) 1. 2. 3. if u like my work and pls consider commssioning ;w;
  3. lettuc3

    (Commission) Selling: ♡ ❤ ❣ ❥ ۵ Loop's valentine commissions! big discounts ! ($5-$30+) ♡ ❤ ❣ ❥ ۵

    Valentines is coming soon so for the upcoming weeks till the date, im gonna have some special discounts to celebrate ❤ some examples of my art: will draw: -humans -furries (almost all species) -fanart -light gore (bleeding, cuts etc.) -some mature themes (artistic nudity, some...
  4. lettuc3

    (Commission) Selling: ✧・゚:* Loop's art shoppe ✧・゚:* 25$ for a full-color full body & more info inside!

    Hi there! I'm Loops AKA Lettuc3 and thanks for checking out my art shop ^^ This is a simple reference of my commission prices :^) simple backgrounds (shapes, colors etc.) are FREE, backgrounds are negotiable based on complexity I can also do chibis, icons, sticker packs to name a few! just dm...
  5. lettuc3

    (Commission) Selling: Be my first commissioners and receive a big discount! 10USD for full body + color & shading

    Hello! I have never done any commissions before and this is my first time using paypal and actually adding a proper price tag to my art. I'm kind of nervous about it because i lack guidance and would love to give online payment and commissioning a little test run first before properly setting up...
  6. lettuc3

    Free Art: open for requests!

    Trying to learn how to draw more furry and anthro characters to build up my portfolio~! Will do 5 characters so sorry if i don't pick yours :( Thank you so much for replying anyways though! 1.fuffyshutterbug ( www.furaffinity.net: Jamie (completed!) by lettuc3 ) 2. trevorbluesquirrel...