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  1. Pandingus

    Is anyone else as excited for Cyberpunk 2077 as I am?

    O_o Walking boobs in Witcher 3?! I MUST see this!!
  2. Pandingus

    Do you play Destiny?

    :X I will soon as I upgrade to Taken King
  3. Pandingus

    Do you play Destiny?

    I've been itching to play Sunbreaker for some time since I got back into it. Do you play D1, D2 or both?
  4. Pandingus

    Do you play Destiny?

    Warlock jump is a hit or miss with most people. As much as I'm torn between Hunter and Titan the Warlock was pretty fun. But nothing can top a sprinting Striker Titan Super where tou not only miss the mob but fall off the map. Edit: I play on XB360
  5. Pandingus

    What video game are you playing...

    Destiny and Digimon: Cyber Sleuth are my major games of choice right neow.
  6. Pandingus

    -wave wave-

    Groovy sauce
  7. Pandingus

    Heart broken and dont know how to deal with it..

    Same situation but the burn of unrequitted love is still with me. Okay so like first thing you gotta remind yourself is that his rejection is a REDIRECTION to something greater, find and do activities you like doing to get your mind off him, hang out with people who enjoys and appreciates you...
  8. Pandingus

    Head ass scrub lord

    Head ass scrub lord
  9. Pandingus

    -wave wave-

    O_o Pre dood or post dood? Also hi!
  10. Pandingus

    Hello all

    Hi I'm "Pandingus I'm not exactly a furry(?) but I somewhat enjoy the culture or whatever you guys call it and thought I see if I'd be able to integrate into the community like peanut butter and jelly on bread. Not sure how else or what more I can say but yeah... Maybe I am a furry and just...