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  1. Doctor Timewolf


    Could you sketch this, please? http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7082023/
  2. Doctor Timewolf

    Portal Themed Artwork Request

    Once again, my birthday appears on the horizon, and I would appreciate it very much if someone was to draw a picture of Timewolf (ref here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4630245/ ) standing in front of the TARDIS, holding (of all things!) a portal gun. Hanging down next to the TARDIS could...
  3. Doctor Timewolf

    Character Referance Sheets

    Well, as it happens, due to circumstances I forgot about but then remembered, I no longer require a ref sheet. Thanks anyway!
  4. Doctor Timewolf

    What's the best book you've read?

    The Interrogative Mood by Padgett Powell. The entire book consists entirely of questions. If that's not a brilliant concept, then I don't know what is.
  5. Doctor Timewolf

    I made Welcome Cookies!

    Cookies are lovely, thank you! Welcome to FAF!
  6. Doctor Timewolf

    Good Morrow =D

    Hello, welcome to FAF!
  7. Doctor Timewolf

    -waves- hello.

    Hello and welcome to FAF!
  8. Doctor Timewolf

    Character Referance Sheets

    If you do mine, here's the info: Name: Doctor Timewolf Fur and tail color: Light grey Eye color: Dark green, specks of hazel Paw pads/Claw colors: Black Footpaw type: Digitigrade Outfit: See this picture: http://www.drwhoexhibitions.co.uk/im...%20COSTUME.jpg) Thanks!
  9. Doctor Timewolf

    Ref sheet?

    I know I posted one before, but it fell through. So I'm posting a second thread. Name: Doctor Timewolf Fur and tail color: Light grey Eye color: Dark green, specks of hazel Paw pads/Claw colors: Black Footpaw type: Digitigrade Outfit: See this picture...
  10. Doctor Timewolf

    Human-Animal Hybrids Banned In Ohio

    They come up with the weirdest things to ban, don't they?
  11. Doctor Timewolf

    Coca Cola

    I'm more of a Dr Pepper person, but I do like regular Coke. Haven't tried Zero, but diet anything is just... horrible.
  12. Doctor Timewolf

    New Pokemon Games Revealed: Pokemon White and Pokemon Black

    Ooh goody, two more games my brother will want to play.
  13. Doctor Timewolf

    How long have you had your character/fursona?

    The actual concept, barring species change, about a year.
  14. Doctor Timewolf

    Appeal of wolves

    I changed from a fox to a wolf on the grounds that A, it was werewolves that eventually led me to the fandom, and B, wolves, like bowties, are cool.
  15. Doctor Timewolf

    New Wolf-Cub in the Den

    Oh come on, can't we just get Beyond Thunderdome? Anyway... hello, and welcome to FAF!
  16. Doctor Timewolf

    Hey Fur Affinity, I'm New!

    Welcome to FAF!
  17. Doctor Timewolf

    What was the last movie that you looked at with your eyes or maybe just heard?

    Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events. If I was Brad Silberling, I would have left the marriage play scene where it was, instead of replacing it with the train sequence. And I would have ended it as third book ended originally, where Olaf escapes after Sunny bit the wooden leg off.
  18. Doctor Timewolf

    James Cameron's "Avatar"

    Re: Avatar the DVD They did allegedly to preserve quality, because apparently it's too hard to put out a two-disc version, one with the film and the other with bonus stuff.
  19. Doctor Timewolf

    The New Doctor Who

    Speaking of TV Tropes, look what I saw when I clicked on the page Browder linked to! [/LIST] [/LIST]
  20. Doctor Timewolf

    Which FAF skin do you prefer?

    Space mafia.