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  1. Acisej

    10$ and under!

    Hello, I'm back! I've pretty much cleared out my current list, so I'm looking for more takers. n__n ...that's a badge btw. Something to grab your attention long enough to read more I hope? Here's a quick cheat sheet for prices: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4725442/ Sketches: 2$ Inks: 5$...
  2. Acisej


    Send me a note on FA please, or comment here if you don't have one. Thanks. <3 The slot list is on my fa. c: http://furaffinity.net/user/acisej
  3. Acisej

    Anyone have a lioness character?

    I started drawing one buuut have no color scheme, so I figured why not take someone's character? So anyone have one to volunteer? It's a headshot that can be used as an icon. C:
  4. Acisej

    Free Art

    I'm having the worst week ever when I really shouldn't be. It's like when one thing is so bad it towers and crushes the rest of what would be the awesome stuff. I'm tired and can't sleep and totally burnt out, so c'mon folks, give me something to draw to take my mind off reality for a while. :c...
  5. Acisej

    Donation-based Commissions

    Open till the first of June, all orders will be completed by the second. Please keep in mind the price you pick will not affect the quality of art you request! Basically, you'd get a full-body flat or shaded character for an amount of your choice. You make a donation and get art in return. Not...
  6. Acisej

    Starting a suit...

    Well I got all my stuff and I was excited to get started, but now that I have everything I'm like...super nervous rofl. So this will be my progress and critique thread, if that's allowed. I'd love any advice that you'd like to give along the way as well. I'm using a balclava as a base and going...
  7. Acisej


    Well, it's not a furry con, but my friend said a lot of suiters go. It'll be my first large convention so I'm extremely excited! Anyone going? Maybe we can meet up. 8D
  8. Acisej

    Silly Doodles

    I'm half in the mood for drawing and I need to finish stuff, soooo....post whatever you want me to draw and I'll see if something gets me in the mood again. Please note these will be silly quick doodles and it is NOT first come first serve, I'll pick and...post or PM the pictures. Thanks.
  9. Acisej

    Pokemon Hack thing....?

    I found it before a long time ago but I can't remember it now. It's either an emu game or a hack that turns your pokemon into gijinkas, looks like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp2Ju3aqiww Anyone know?
  10. Acisej

    Fursuit Heads

    I'll probably commission one, but eventually I'd like to make my own fursuit. That being said, I've been looking into how to make one and there are tons and tons of different kinds. @___@; The mesh thing seems popular, but I'm looking for something lightweight and cheaper. I was thinking...
  11. Acisej

    Fur suits?

    I actually was scared of them for the longest time, then found them creepy, now I find them kinda cute. |3; But I am a total n00b when it comes to anything suit-related. I met a girl at a local con who makes them, and I guess that's what got me interested. But considering I have enough trouble...
  12. Acisej

    $4 Feral Flat Colors

    Feral Flat Colors PICK UP SLOTS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW. They'll be open again soon! Saving up to see my bf in the summer waayyy over on the other end of the world, so I'll do some of these. Add shading to the flats for an extra $2. Available in normal and chibi, pm or post if interested. I...
  13. Acisej

    Full Body/Full Color Cheebs for $8 - 3 Slots

    $5 Full Body/Full Color Cheebs! Hello, I'm opening a few commissions slots for chibis and quads. Anthros are chibi only, quads can be either chibi or normal. These will be full color and shaded as well as full body with an average size of 400 x 800 px resolution. These can also be easily...
  14. Acisej

    Quick Spam?

    I'm in the mood for doodlin' the adorable. All done, thanks. ^^-
  15. Acisej

    Pricing assisstance needed! <3

    How much would you offer for something like or similar to the image below? Any help would be great. Thanks in advance! <3
  16. Acisej

    I could use a few crits.... ^^;

    Hi! I'm working on a selection of prints for the upcoming El Paso Anime Con, and I need a bit of help on one. Here it is: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1312929/ "I like the concept, love the hands, not too sure about anything else. What other accessories can I add as well? I want a busy...
  17. Acisej

    ♪Far from Purrfection • Furry Commissions, Trades, & Requests

    ♪Far from Purrfection • Commissions, Trades, & Requests --[Pricing?] Alright, here's my thread for all things Acisej Art. (Links to the website if you don't want to post here.) Please check the Status before making any requests. If you'd like me to contact you when a slot has opened up...
  18. Acisej

    El Paso~!

    Though technically it's an anime con, not a furry con, I'd love to meet some of you guys who live in my area! I think there needs to be more anthro-lovers....at least I hardly know any in El Paso. P: Check it out if you live near here! http://elpasoanimecon.org June 13-15! $7/day, $15 for...
  19. Acisej

    ♪~Far from Purrfection~♪ -- A Request Thread

    ♪Far from Purrfection • A Request Thread ((CLOSED)) I've moved this thread into one big thread, and you can find it here!! I am not, however, taking any more requests. Using this thread to contact artists and post up newly completed requests. • Dark_Chaos -- Sketching. • Luna -- Not...
  20. Acisej

    Commissions -- Is there any interest?

    Before trying to take commissions, I need to know if there's actually any interest, and what general prices would you be willing to pay. I'm really very bad at pricing, and this will be the first time I'd offer commissions. I can draw anything, or at least I'm more than willing to attempt...