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  1. nurematsu

    Question about a 3DS art app

    Has anybody here used the Colors!3D app? I'm interested in playing around with it, but I'd like some input from anybody who has used it. Is it easy to learn? What sorts of features are available? Is it worth the cost to download? I appreciate any response I get!
  2. nurematsu

    Funniest-looking comic you've seen

    I was browsing the comic store back home and I saw the funniest comic ever: Battle Pope Apparently, it's a buffed-up pope that fights crime. The catchphrase is "When he's not leading mass, he's kicking ass". I laughed out loud about the whole idea. What's the funniest comic book you've seen?
  3. nurematsu

    A new rat on the block

    I'm new to Fur Affinity and I think it's about time to participate in the forums. I'm an aspiring animator and enjoy drawing furries and other anime-style characters. I'm a current college student and I'm an art major and Spanish minor. My hobbies include competitive swimming, playing video...