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  1. ShadowedIrises

    Teen Second Life

    I used to play second life a few years ago (had a normal 18+ account and a teen account) and when I went to register again yesterday for TSL, I found that it had been closed. I don't remember much about the game, but it seems much more restricted now since I can't wander out of the boundaries of...
  2. ShadowedIrises

    What do YOU think it takes to get published nowadays?

    I am an avid reader and writer, and I have been writing stories since I could hold a pen. Within the past three years, I have been delving deeper into what it really takes to get published since I have a few books written. But what does it really take for an agent (much less an actual publishing...
  3. ShadowedIrises

    Shadowed Caelum aka Iris

    Name: Shadowed Caelum [pronounced KY-lum] aka Iris Age: 16 Sex: Female Species: Arctic wolf/maned wolf cross Height: 5' 6" Appearance: Iris has silky white fur on her body and wavy red-brown hair on her head, tail and paws. She has one hazel eye and one crimson eye. Skills: Hunting, running...
  4. ShadowedIrises

    Hello, Iris here :)

    Hi, i'm Iris... a sixteen year old hailing from sinfully sunny South Florida. I joined mainly 'cause i'm looking for some new buddies :p I'm a hobbyist photographer, writer, and pianist. I also love RPG and FPS games, along with motorcycles, ice hockey, soccer and any type of music. I love to...