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  1. Moon-Baby

    The Pawpets

    I'm pretty sure most everyone knows who they are, but if not http://www.pawpet.tv These guys are so cool^_^ I'm watchin' it right now actually... Only just started actually,so I'd like to hear what everyone else's take. Poink is such a cool little dude^_^ wit' 'is lil changeable eyes... :D
  2. Moon-Baby

    requesting help with something.

    I'm pretty sure this goes here, because its not really an "art" thing, so: does anyone have any stock images or anything showing some different types of furry? real life or well known types of images would be the best. I've tried image search on yahoo and google, but have only found...
  3. Moon-Baby


    these guys how many people have made a game of trying to find their stuff about fur sites and laughing their ass off at how they react? *raises hand*:wink: ....Ya know.....you can use that place to find some really good furry stuff.....:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: and also, i went to...
  4. Moon-Baby

    Fursuit views

    What are your reasons for wearing them? Like what do you think of it? For me, if I had one, It's about taking on the apearance of the animal inside, as a sort of way to get closer to it. And if you make it yourself, thats one more thing bringing it closer to you. It was made by your hands...
  5. Moon-Baby


    I got some tags for my collar a while ago, so i was wondering, does anyone else have some item of jewelry that would be cosidered "weird" to the "normal people"? pics if possible 8)
  6. Moon-Baby

    *wanders in and looks around all confused-like*

    uh...hi. i joined on the main site, and thought i'd also like to join the forum, too. i might not post often, but i'll be around... wanna know about me? visit my FA page and read the journal i have there. (no arts to look at yet though, i dont have acsess to a scanner/digi-cam)