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  1. nobu

    todays reason euthanizing me might be an o.k. thing.

    being bored at work with this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cED229UCsUo stuck in my head , i managed to change the chorus to "yiff me, knot me, pull my tail."
  2. nobu

    anyone else have a single permanent fursona?

    As i've mentioned before (but im sure no one remembers:p) Nobu has been my alter ego for about 16 years now, and beyond a few tweaks he's been the same for damn near the whole time. Anyone else hold their 'sona as dear as i do, or is it more of a transient thing for you?
  3. nobu

    How important is your alias?

    I touched on this the other night in a conversation and have been pondering it at length, how important is your alias (online or otherwise) to you? I've been nobu in a hundreds of different places in the last 16 or so years and its as important to me as my given name, as a matter of fact more so...
  4. nobu

    kids make me sad.

    I decided long ago against having children, since i'm a genetic mess and i'd pass on lots of recessive nastiness to them. I'd have to marry a Olympic swimmer with no family history of mental illness, cancer or heart disease for the poor kid to even have a shot. O.k. no big deal, but the problem...
  5. nobu

    what life would you prefer?

    Actual serious question here, given the choice of living a "normal" life, ie: house, car, bills, 2.5 kids etc, but being conflicted inside. Or being who you genuinely are even tho it'll lead to less desirable/socially acceptable circumstances, but you'll be completely free to do as you wish. any...
  6. nobu

    Solution to bi/gay coming out to parents angst

    Instead of coming out to your parents, just fuck women in the ass until you move out, problem solved. inb4lock
  7. nobu

    Pandora.com best radio ever

    Pandora.com is a streaming radio site that looks at what songs you like and what you don't to make you a personalized radio station. I use it constantly at school rather than my mp3 player, it even has some really obscure stuff, total a+ site. Edit: fixed the link -C
  8. nobu


    I see loads of threads that end up discussing meds, so i was wondering how many of us are on them, other than harley, thats a given. (results are private, so no one has to know) I do and i adore my little blue and white capsules chased with little pink tablets.:-D
  9. nobu

    ultimate answer to "webcomic threads"

    Behold the ultimate answer to all "webcomic" threads http://lmgtfy.com/?q=furry+webcomic
  10. nobu

    Have you/ would you cheat on a spouse?

    I'm curious what the consensus is gonna be here, i know it seems like between 15% and 20% is the national average for "having had sex outside of a relationship they were in". no one will know your answers, i voted not sure, never had the chance, the odds of 2 women finding me sexually attractive...
  11. nobu

    Why the hate?

    O.K. ideally we're all a group of similar minded people who want to gather here and share our collective experiences, thoughts, and feelings, but there's a vast amount of hate flying around. There is a time and place for assholery (i am soooo guilty of this),and i dont mean snarkiness, but why...
  12. nobu

    Wrestling, yay or neigh

    Out of curiosity, anyone else watch wrestling? I'm a huge fan of anything old school and enjoy some of the current stuff, anyone else?
  13. nobu

    I said what now?

    I have a huge phobia about getting a head injury, cuz its normal for the "filter" between your brain and your mouth to go away for a while and i really dont want the stuff running around in my head getting out. i can see it now "hi son" "hi mom, ya know i really like pictures of dog people...
  14. nobu

    furry action figures

    http://toynewsi.com/news.php?catid=222&itemid=14601 awesomeness
  15. nobu

    meeting new people

    I was wondering if anyone else has this problem. I only really get to know people when i'm forced into close proximity with them. When i was at work (factory went to Mexico so no more job) there'd be people that were there for months and id never say more than hi, but then theyd come up to work...