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  1. ShadowedIrises


    Yes, I love it
  2. ShadowedIrises

    Teen Second Life

    I used to play second life a few years ago (had a normal 18+ account and a teen account) and when I went to register again yesterday for TSL, I found that it had been closed. I don't remember much about the game, but it seems much more restricted now since I can't wander out of the boundaries of...
  3. ShadowedIrises


    Did someone say hockey? ^^ Well, hello there! Welcome to the forums.
  4. ShadowedIrises

    So, What Song's Stuck Inside Your Head Today?

    Like the original, but this cover is very nice. I love Sleeping With Sirens. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyOqIKGbYkg
  5. ShadowedIrises

    What do YOU think it takes to get published nowadays?

    I was under the impression that once you post something online under your name (real or pen name), your work was protected under a copyright. If anyone is familiar with StoryWrite.com, once you publish a story or poem, it says copyright 'your real name, the year'. Is this not a valid form of...
  6. ShadowedIrises

    Crime and Puzzle games

    I agree, those games are the best. I love FPS and action, but they don't stimulate the mind in the same way a good puzzle does. Counted_Crows mentioned Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (I think that is what it was called) and I too thought that game was pretty good, but I felt like it ended...
  7. ShadowedIrises

    What do YOU think it takes to get published nowadays?

    I'm not looking for a career, it is only a very pleasurable hobby of mine so I don't mind waiting for the right company to say yes (if any at all). It just seems like some new writers have it easier than others, and I wondered what you guys thought it was that made them stand out. Thanks! It...
  8. ShadowedIrises

    What do YOU think it takes to get published nowadays?

    I am an avid reader and writer, and I have been writing stories since I could hold a pen. Within the past three years, I have been delving deeper into what it really takes to get published since I have a few books written. But what does it really take for an agent (much less an actual publishing...
  9. ShadowedIrises

    What's the best feedback you've had on your work?

    The most interesting feedback that I've ever gotten was on a 50 page nonfiction project on the link between mental heath and education that I wrote two years ago. One reader told me that it was so poorly written they could barely make it through the report. Another told me that it inspired him...
  10. ShadowedIrises

    Hello from a Fox

    Welcome to the forum! I'm new and quite shy too, but after taking a look around, I think one develops a pretty thick skin after sticking around for a while. :)
  11. ShadowedIrises

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    I adore Professor Layton games. Guess I'm a part of that <5%. ^^ Other than that, mostly just the Sims, CoD and Pokemon. :3
  12. ShadowedIrises

    XBox 360 Live gamers

    GT: ShadowedIrises Xbox crashed so had to get a new one and I haven't played much, but I wanna get back into playing online. I'm usually playing any CoD :)
  13. ShadowedIrises

    What was the last show you've watched?

    Doctor Who... still catching up on the last series!
  14. ShadowedIrises

    What Are You Listening To?

    Bulletproofangel by The Goo Goo Dolls
  15. ShadowedIrises

    Roleplaying Sites

    I am interested in building a new roleplaying site, but I would like to start out with at least one other administrator and a moderator. I like anthro fantasy, shape-shifting and that sort of thing but I'm pretty laid back so the site can have any type of focus. I've built a few websites before...
  16. ShadowedIrises

    Hello, Iris here :)

    That sounds like fun! Okay...red line and she was just...banned. lol. Anyone else up for a role-play? If not, I guess I'll head over to Lynx Plot. :)
  17. ShadowedIrises

    Hello, Iris here :)

    Another Floridian! That's great. :) I have a question- if we can't roleplay on the forums, how do you find/invite someone to roleplay with you? Is there another website or forum?
  18. ShadowedIrises

    Shadowed Caelum aka Iris

    Name: Shadowed Caelum [pronounced KY-lum] aka Iris Age: 16 Sex: Female Species: Arctic wolf/maned wolf cross Height: 5' 6" Appearance: Iris has silky white fur on her body and wavy red-brown hair on her head, tail and paws. She has one hazel eye and one crimson eye. Skills: Hunting, running...
  19. ShadowedIrises

    Age Thread 2013

    Turned 16 in March ^^
  20. ShadowedIrises

    The language thread for languages

    English is my native tongue but I also speak Spanish and Latin. I am currently in an elementary Latin class, but I have studied enough to where I can speak it fluently. It has to be the most interesting language class out of the three I've taken so far. :) I'll also be starting French class and...