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  1. Freddydanger

    Animated Pixel Icons - 25$

    Edit: Prices raised. I can't change the title of the forum though...
  2. Freddydanger

    Animated Pixel Icons - 25$

    More examples if needed:
  3. Freddydanger

    Animated Pixel Icons - 25$

    Couple Icons are 45$ - sorry for the typo!
  4. Freddydanger

    Animated Pixel Icons - 25$

    Hello everyone, my name is Freddy and I am offering pixel icon commissions at the moment. Please look over the examples and read the information below. Single icon simple expression: 35$ Couple Icon: 45$ (example is out of time, sorry) Triple Icon: 60$ I will do any size you wish for...
  5. Freddydanger

    freddy / it / its pronouns - pixel artist

    freddy / it / its pronouns - pixel artist
  6. Freddydanger

    Beginner - Sewing Machine Help

    Hi. I don't know where to post this, but I'm at my witt's end. I have looked all over my area for someone willing to teach me to sew for a year, and nobody is available. I am disabled and struggle a lot with learning, and was looking specifically for a one on one teacher. I go to college in...
  7. Freddydanger

    Scenecore / Furrycore Server

    Hello all! I am making a post to advertise my furrycore / scenecore / 2000s webculture discord server. This server's main focuses are helping people with disabilities make friends, and allowing a space for furries and scene kids to create. We love artists and have many channels to advertise...
  8. Freddydanger

    Help me find this artist?

    Please upload more pictures if possible. Reversing the image comes up with nothing. Also, see if your friend can find contact information with the artist, or, if the art is their fursona, ask the fursonas name and look it up.
  9. Freddydanger

    Hiring: Looking for Reference Sheet [£5-£50]

    Considering the budget, I have a budget friendly reference option: Chibi References. I do them for 15$. Thanks for considering.
  10. Freddydanger

    Pixel Icon Commissions (20$+)

    FREDDYDANGER'S PIXEL ICON COMMISSIONS Hello! My name is Freddy. I love to pixel. I am offering pixel icon commissions. Here are the rules and prices: - I can deny any commission. - No NSFW / suggestive content in the icons. - Don't steal / claim as your own. - If you use the icon offsite...
  11. Freddydanger

    What job would your Fursona have?

    My fursona would probably be some kind of baker, maybe art or social work on the side.