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  1. Vamux

    Free Art: Want to draw shark or dragon furry [close]

    *Screams in unconventional dragon design* Oh well, might as well contribute to the supply of references to pick from. Thanks for the chance, by the way, and awesome arts dude! www.furaffinity.net: Vamux Ref Sheet SFW Version by Vamux
  2. Vamux

    Punk Rock

    Bruh, don't even get me started on Keith Morris. He's practically the biggest reason I became a punk in the first place. I loved his work in Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, and even later on in OFF! Wild In The Streets was one of the first Punk albums I ever listened to, and also one of the first...
  3. Vamux

    What inspired your fursona's name?

    Nothing inspired me to make my name what it is. I had names randomly generated, took several of them, and started smashing different parts from two or three at a time to create more unique name variants. And then, after finalizing a list of about 13 different names, I just chose the one that...
  4. Vamux

    Stream Of Songs

  5. Vamux

    Punk Rock

    Wow-y, got a lot more responses on a Punk Rock thread then I thought I would. And after listening to as much as I can, it's definitely some good stuff. So, naturally, I ought to share some more I know about.
  6. Vamux

    (Commission) Selling: Paintings, Lineart, Sketches, Ref sheets, 3D [$30-$200]

    Hey, I think your art is neat and would like to commission you if you're still available for it. I'll send more details over Discord if that's fine!
  7. Vamux


  8. Vamux

    Realistic animation experiment

    Looks really cool dude!
  9. Vamux

    Covid19 and your fursonas

    lol, I'd be counting down the days to total societal collapse, and relish in it all.
  10. Vamux

    What are you listerning to?

    My new favorite band:
  11. Vamux

    Free Art: Free icons/sketches/drawings

    Hey'a, thanks for the chance here (If you're still doing it!) If you're up for it, perhaps consider sketching my boy Vamux, probably just like slam dancing in his punk digs or something. By the way, your art looks awesome dude.
  12. Vamux

    Free Art: NSFW and SFW chibis~! (Closed)

    Hey, thanks a ton for the chance here (If you're still doing this), and neat arts you got. I'll leave some references of my character here As for who I'd like to be with, definitely Suzie. I'd fuck with her, sfw stuff or nsfw, I'll let you decide. Don't have any specific idea in my head...
  13. Vamux

    Punk Rock

    There are a couple of music-related threads up now, and I'd like to help expand the list by asking if anyone's got any good Punk Rock to share. Although, I can guarantee I'll already know most of the songs that get shared. I myself am a very heavy enthusiast of Punk Rock and have a collection of...
  14. Vamux

    Psychedelic Rock

    Actually, double post, because Rising Storm 2: Vietnam had these two golden nuggets that are just auditory perfection.
  15. Vamux

    Psychedelic Rock

  16. Vamux

    Rename The Furry Above You!

    *insert windows error message here*
  17. Vamux

    The furson above you has been hospitalized, why?

    Stepped on a sharpened lego.
  18. Vamux

    Your fictional character crush

  19. Vamux

    How much alcohol do you consume?

    None :cool: