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  1. GamerFox

    Before you complain about slow thumbnail loading

    This time it's not FA's fault. It's in all probability your route through FA goes through Level3. and well, as it turns out, Level3's being a massive tard at the moment due to a rogue Malaysian ISP. Look up AS4788 on twitter.
  2. GamerFox

    Gran Turismo 6

    With the new community update, is anyone thinking of making a group dedicated to FA users?
  3. GamerFox

    YCH ethics

    Would it be against the site rules to hold an all-pay blind YCH auction? This is strictly a hypothetical, cuz my art skills are shit. But I'm guessing there's some furs out there who want to bilk suckers for a bunch of cash and leave all but one bidder in the hole -- a real dick move.
  4. GamerFox

    Java Programmers Wanted for Game Editing Tool

    Right now, I am the sole editor of a java project based on the OHRRPGCE engine, but it's kinda getting to the point where one guy can't do it all himself. If you are a Java hobbyist, please consider donating some of your time and skill to getting a working project going. Do not apply if you plan...