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  1. ben909

    Main Site 9 5 2022 announcement queston

    Content lacking artistic merit is not permitted on FA, and includes such items as: -- Submissions created through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) or similar image generators. does this apply to posting such images on faf, or just the main site also, can they be used as part of a text...
  2. ben909

    respec token

    if you somehow had a real life respec token, would you use it, and how
  3. ben909

    rock paper scissors

  4. ben909

    shooting at the British day

  5. ben909

    your character as a boss battle

    an extension of the boss music thread, if your character here was a boss in some game, what would their fight be, can include music , and even dungeon levels you have to pass to get to the boss fight please no god modeing, but darksouls/elden ring difficulty levels are fine
  6. ben909

    Forum quote and multi quote give errors if attempting to quote member who ignored you or others in quote

    it would be nice if the reply and quote systems would simply block someone from quoteing a user that ingored them, and what i want, prevent your quote from being put in the same reply as a quote from an ignored member, as it really makes it so its impossible to ignore them when their existence...
  7. ben909

    "favorite fruit" thread

    "long ago when i joined there apparently was a background thing about asking people their favorite fruit, i must bring this old conflict back up somehow"
  8. ben909

    cat vs dog

    like coffee vs tea, but with frendly cats vs yappy bite machines victory to the feline uprising
  9. ben909

    deleted due to

    the user above you had their comment deleted, why?
  10. ben909

    letter appreciation thread

    (5-10-22) S -------------------------------- (5-5-22) press F to continue this thread (4-29-22) R (4-27-22) P gets a day ---------------- (4/23/2022) todays letter is D so today we must increase the data about d ----------------- makeing a new thread everyday is starting to be a bit of...
  11. ben909


    U apperception time <insert picture of a anthro U pointing at you>
  12. ben909


    Y gets a thread
  13. ben909


    Hello a thread for the power of "H"
  14. ben909


    a thread for the glory of Q do not Question the need for this IMPORTANT(an edit) this thread is for the letter Q , it has NOTHING to do with the political q i forgot existed for a second
  15. ben909


    a thread devoted to 'W' in all its glory please don't copy it
  16. ben909


    select better wrapping method
  17. ben909

    is it safe to make a thread asking about peoples view of the future

    i was thinking of posting a poll/thread about a discussion i had in person with some people, in person, the group could follow a rule to keep politics to a minimum and focus on tech stuff, although experiences here on faf make me doubt if i can do this safely i had it typed out before asking...
  18. ben909

    replacement acronyms

    (inspired by the faf stands for thread) find a common acronym and replaces its letters with a new meaning,(sfw) not sure if its best to just post an acronym and its new meaning , or do a pass down sense i forgot what i was going to put, i will put SWF down for people to break
  19. ben909

    Forum ignore for threads

    i know this has more to do with outside softwere, but would it be possible to completely ignore a thread
  20. ben909

    spambot imitations

    i thought it would be fun to have a thread to impersonate spambots lets avoid real links, but blue text should work