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    What are Babyfurs?

    I recently came upon a subset part of the fandom called babyfurs.... what is it? I don't want to jump to conclusions about things so i guess i'd like to hear from people, but i must admit it seems to be heading towards the offensive sex kind of area...
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    Why is it so hard to make friends?

    I really wish it was easier, GAD and Chronic Depression really put a damper on your ability to make new friends in the real world.... 4 years now my only companion has been my mate and though i love him dearly i really do need someone else i can talk to but it seems impossible sometimes. God...
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    Best kind of underarmour?

    What is the best "brand" if not under armour the brand lolz and what style of under armour to use? I am hoping to get a fursuit commissioned soon and figure its best to get this stuff ahead of time soon as well!
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    Just excited about my possible fursuit!

    I sent in a commission submission with Dandylions, LLC and I'm just so excited. I hope they choose to do mine this commission period! AHHHHHHhhhh.... *nervous waiting intensifies*