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  1. Crayons Are Snacks

    GAME: Edit your question, Make the person who answers it look weird.

    I played this on Reddit one time and the results were hilarious. Here's how it works: Asker asks a question. It can be something like: "What would you do if a pack of rabid dogs was running at you?" Next comment answers and says something like: "Probably shoo them and aim a kick in their...
  2. Crayons Are Snacks

    Movies that traumatized you as a kid

    I’ll go first: Gremlins. I watched it when I was 6 and slept in my parents’ room for a week.
  3. Crayons Are Snacks

    Forgotten Worlds (DnD-Style) RP - OPEN TO ADVENTURERS

    NOTE: This RP will be kept PG-13 for fantasy violence a la Dungeons and Dragons. Absolutely NO porn writing allowed. Romances are one thing, but we aren't gonna get explicit here. Again, think PG-13. "Off-screen" and "Implied, but not explicitly written about." The year is 2010; "Modern...
  4. Crayons Are Snacks

    The Motivation Thread: What are your goals today?

    TLDR: This is a thread for people to post their daily goal(s) so that they can have a support system/cheering section to help them accomplish those goals. THE LONG VERSION: Hey hey! So I have been struggling with depression for a long time, and I know that a lot of lovely people here also...
  5. Crayons Are Snacks

    The Struggle Bus.

    What ails you, fren? Board the Struggle Bus and tell me your woes.
  6. Crayons Are Snacks

    Show me the art that you’re THE MOST proud of! >:|

    I want to see the work that you couldn’t wait to show other people. I want to see the work you poured your blood, sweat and tears into. I want to see the work that hasn’t gotten the attention that it deserves! >:| SHOW ME YOUR GLORIOUS CREATIONS!
  7. Crayons Are Snacks

    If you had unlimited money, what is the first furry-related commission you would buy?

    Personally, I would get a fully articulated t-rex suit with animatronic facial features that are controlled by AI and react to outside stimuli accordingly. That would be dope.
  8. Crayons Are Snacks

    Send me some characters so I can draw headshots!

    Ok ok ok. So I’m trying to open commissions, but somebody told me that I don’t have enough example pieces. Welp, time to create some. So send me one of your characters and I may feel so inclined to draw them. I love drawing women the most. If you got gorls, bring the gorls. But I’ll draw dudes...