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  1. HumanLombax

    Paypals question

    i have a friend who wants to start doing commissions, but is unsure about Pay Pals, and im not entirely sure myself. So I mostly have 2 questions: 1. Do you have to have a bank account to receive money? 2. If not, how do you get your money out? Anything else I should kno???
  2. HumanLombax

    I need someone with a tablet and 5 minuets....

    Im working on something, and I Need to add just a few lines for hair in it, but I dont have a tablet to do so, and I think if I print it out and draw em in,the scan will look like crap.... someone willing to lend a paw for just a sec?
  3. HumanLombax

    Meet At Jillinas on Feb 21st In north Eastern Ohio/ Western PA

    I didnt know where to post This... so I figured no better place than here Whoever wants to go is welcome....There is Pool, bowling, and a game room. Also, Jillians in in the mall, so asides from the food and attractions to be had there, we also have the option to walk the mall, shop, and go...
  4. HumanLombax

    Looking to have a lombax suit made

    I've been looking to have a suit made after my Character Orgee... I've only found a few different places that make suites...any suggestions about who to contact? My Fursona: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1601017/ EDIT: I want a full suit, but with the arms detachable for a partial if I'm...
  5. HumanLombax


    Im thinking about getting it tattooed on my left chest. Thoughts?
  6. HumanLombax

    The Fursona Game

    Apparently, this was/is a game somewhere, but I decided to take it to the next level. You tell us 10 things about your Fursona that we may not know, then, the next person post 3-5 questions/comments concerning your fursona fololwed by thier 10 things. 1. Orgee,is not actually a full blooded...
  7. HumanLombax

    Colouring Trade off

    Hi all, so yeah, I recently learned that I have Mild skills with photo shop, enough to decently add color to pics. Soooo...... I figured that I'd put it out there that I wold color pics in exchange for a sketch of My lombax (Details found Here http://www.furaffinity.net/user/humanlombax/ )...
  8. HumanLombax

    I Can Haz Yiff In Hell?

    Just Click it and see what I men... http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Furry No Matter who you are, what you are, how you are, where your from, what you do....Some one WILL hate you for it.
  9. HumanLombax

    Desperate Lombax

    I really want a Lombax With Deep purple, mid length hair on the top of his head, one green eye, one blue and any of the Following Apparel so that I may use it for my avatar and Possibly print it out as a badge. (My fur's name is Orgee) Pants...
  10. HumanLombax

    Post your best motivational posters

    I figured since WE kinda began Raping the 'you laugh...' Page, We'd just start a new thread....
  11. HumanLombax

    Firry MSI

    I'm looking for a picture of The Punk Rock Band Mindless Self Indulgence Rendered in an Anthro form, but I cant seem to find one...Can someone help me out?
  12. HumanLombax

    Little Response in writers Block

    I began posting this in the writers Block thread, but got Very little Response, so I decided to move it to here. IM writing a full fledged Anthro book and want to get people opinion on my writing, so I ask for you to please be serious about your comments as I show you the rough draft of the...
  13. HumanLombax

    Writing Full furry novel...type deal ting...

    IM writing a full fledged Anthro book and want to get people opinion on my writing, so I ask for you to please be serious about your comments as I show you the rough draft of the complete first chapter Ch. 1. Work is a Drag... 4:58 P.M. Orgee looks at his monitor, tiny...
  14. HumanLombax

    Banned Books revieal a whole new level of pissed off for me

    http://sks.sirs.com/cgi-bin/hst-article-display?id=S200007068-0-372&artno=0000268427&type=ART&shfilter=U&key=&title=Book%20Banning%20Efforts%20Bring%20On%20Title%20Fights&res=Y&ren=N&gov=Y&lnk=N&ic=N I demand you to read sry Guys, I should have listed this and Rants and Raves...
  15. HumanLombax

    Cluster FURk!

    Tonight From 8:00-10:00 (perferably) Eastern Time, I would like to host a series of IM games. I, myself will be on Yahoo, but it should be able to cross with MSN in a conversation room. WE will be playing Games similar to drinking games, such as "I never" and the Name Game as well as a digital...
  16. HumanLombax

    MY first Meet!

    Dude, It was sweet! There was only probably 15 furs or so, just us on Neofurs who could make it. No one was in their fur, but we did have ears, tails collars and such going on... We did some Go-karts, and some Lasertag and lots of DDR! We met a place Called "Fun-N-Stuff" which was basically an...
  17. HumanLombax

    YO MOMMA!!! (OH yeah, were going there!)

    Yo momma is so Old, her titties make powered milk
  18. HumanLombax

    Mini Meet up

    Proably should have said something earlier, Nut we at NEoFurs are having a mini meet up at Fun-N-Stuff on Saturday around 4:00, anyone is welcome! http://www.fun-n-stuff.com/hours_n_rates.php You never get enough Fun-N-Stuff! 661 E. Highland Rd. Macedonia, OH...
  19. HumanLombax

    Ya learn Something new every day

    This is a thread for anyone to post a piece of unconventional wisdom as to....learn Something new every day.....Sounded like a good idea in my brain... 1Lb of Body fat contains 3,500 Calories.
  20. HumanLombax

    Poorly Placed Ad's

    OMG, Example! [image removed]