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  1. AQB52

    FA went kablooey!

    Going on 30 minutes....Oh, joy.
  2. AQB52

    FurFright '09, Anyone?

    Missed out last year, but I will hopefully be back in the Dealers' den for '09!
  3. AQB52

    The Official "FA is down and I need to make a post about it!" Thread

    ***Pulls out board games*** What'll it be,gang?... Chutes and Ladders?...Candyland?...Operation?...Stratego?...Electronic Battleship,maybe? :p
  4. AQB52

    The Official "FA is down and I need to make a post about it!" Thread

    Re: Ugh, again? F*** it...Anyone wants me,I'll be at the Doctor Who forum...or watching Porn...or maybe watching Doctor Who Porn. :D
  5. AQB52

    List of Awesome Webcomics

    Tails!!.....How are you doing??
  6. AQB52

    List of Awesome Webcomics

    This is my webcomic: http://aceandqueenie.com/ I haven't had time to update it,or the site itself in months!...I'm so pissed at myself...I want to get it going again in the worst way,but other work keeps demanding my attention,and I'm worried that no one will be interested when I finally do...
  7. AQB52

    New FA??

    All is well again.....Pages load properly: Check....Personal control panel functioning: Check......Badly drawn Porn: Check....:P.
  8. AQB52

    New FA??

    Hell with it...I'm going to bed.....:!::!::evil::evil::!::!:
  9. AQB52

    New FA??

    Normally,I wouldn't use language like this,but....This is fucked up so far. I did the whole DNS/flush thing....My friend Sharra walked me through it...but now,I'm getting a half-assed version of FA where the page is white and half the pictures and avatars show up as those stupid red x in a box...
  10. AQB52

    Proposal: Submission Limits

    I'm no tech,and I really don't want to be whiny,but this kind of bothers me....Most all of my art that I post here is scanned at 300 DPI,which almost always results in files slightly over 1MB.Honestly,anything under 300 DPI and I find that I lose a lot of detail.Can't we keep some wiggle room...
  11. AQB52

    Ghost Banner WTF??? and why can't I post in Site status???

    I was going to post this in the "Site status" section,but I keep getting a message stating that I'm not allowed to do so...Is that a restricted forum or something?...Anyway,I don't know if this is happening to anyone else or not,but the Banner on FA has ....VANISHED!!! :shock:.....The site is...
  12. AQB52

    Calling All Artists: FA United Art Contests!

    Sounds good to me....count me in! :D **Scampers off with head full of idears**
  13. AQB52

    Having problems staying logged in? Please post here.

    :?: The main problem I encounter seems to be on forums....the initial login often takes two or three attempts,then I get logged out when I click on a specific forum....it takes a few more attempts to finally make it stick.....I know you guys were down for a while,and I appreciate the extra...
  14. AQB52

    HI!...This is my first post on furaffinity.......

    To Preyfar from AQB52 8) Hey! Thanks for replying! Nice to meet you! Not too much trouble logging in this time around.....so tell me,have you read A&Q? If so,any thoughts? Will try to submit some art when I get the rest of my new system up and running...Happy holidays an' stay furry,Preyfar! 8) .
  15. AQB52

    HI!...This is my first post on furaffinity.......

    :) Hello,everyone,glad to be here! I am the creator,artist and writer of ACE AND QUEENIE,a furry spy/adventure/romance series which appears in Radio Comix' FURRLOUGH ....If anyone out there has read my series,I would like very much to hear from you! What you like or don't like about...