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  1. Dranslin

    Defiance (Third Person Shooter MMO) Beta - Any Interest?

    Hey fellow furs, I was wondering if anyone around has any interest in giving Defiance a shot (http://www.defiance.com/en/ for those that don't know what it is). I may or may not be working on the team or know someone on the team (x3) So there is a very good chance that I can get people into...
  2. Dranslin

    Looking for Aion Legion

    I remember reading a journal posted a while ago about a furry legion/guild in Aion, I believe it was on the Ariel server, asmodan side. Was wondering if anyone could confirm or tell me where any others were and tell me who to contact about joining?
  3. Dranslin

    Looking for other players! >.>

    Well since i've been getting tired of the constant solo ply when ever I go into a game (aside from when i'm playing with my mate which hasn't been to often lately) looking to group up or at least speak with other furs while playing. Games i'm in: Horizons: Empire of Istaria (currently...
  4. Dranslin

    TF2 Voice Static

    Heh this has probably been asked before here... but i'll post anyways, repost of my journal by the by:http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/659358/ Alright, this has been driving me mad and has stumped me short of going and getting a new sound card... I havn't yet because I don't have the money...
  5. Dranslin

    My humble (or extravigant) abode.

    I got this kinda spur of the moment idea but figured what the heck i'll go through with it, who knows, mabye it'll start a trend. If you feel like it follow in my steps and go and show us what your room looks like, be it your bedroom or the room you spend the most time in. For me in both...
  6. Dranslin

    San Diego Fair, Formerly Known as the Del Mar Fair

    Not one I'd imagine would get much responce to, but im just curious if there are any around San Diego/ Del Mar that wants to go if they havn't already. I want to go this year myself, but I don't really want to go with the family or by myself. And also im feeling a bit, adventurous i guess you...
  7. Dranslin

    Pricing on Plushies

    I was actually wondering how much it would cost to get some custom made plushies made. I'd like to get them of two separate characters and two copies of each if price wills. characters would be my character, Dranslin, and a very good friend of mine's, Drathek...
  8. Dranslin

    What did your grandma used to call you?

    I know this is a complete spin off of the other one but the idea just poped into my head. What did your grandma used to call you? Probably more into the childhood years. For the most part I was always Pumpkin Pie.
  9. Dranslin

    Statistics Made Easy: Causation

    Yes i do realize that this is all very immature and all but i had been bitter all through making this powerpoint. I had to have SOME fun with it... can you blame me? Let me go and explain Causation, Common Response and Confounding (yes these are all in my ppt that im showing tomorrow) "Now...
  10. Dranslin

    Just curious here

    Im just curious, granted this probably isn't the best place for it but are there any here from SD, California? If so i've got a question to ask.
  11. Dranslin

    Horizons for Vores

    http://www.virtrium.com/2008.04.01pressrelease 2008.04.01 Press Release VIRTRIUM LLC CHANGES NAME OF GAME PRODUCT HORIZONS TO WORLD OF DRAGONS COMPANY CONTACTS: Virtrium LLC - Rick Simmons, CEO, rick.simmons@virtrium.com VIRTRIUM LLC CHANGES NAME OF GAME PRODUCT HORIZONS TO WORLD OF...
  12. Dranslin

    Horizons: Empire of Istaria. Who plays?

    Im just a bit curious, is there anyone around here that plays or have played Horizons: Empire of Istaria. I guess you could call me a die hard fan of it, Im still a subscriber from day 1 launch. I've seen the game go through all its good and bad times, and all the company changes: Artifact...
  13. Dranslin

    *waves a wing, tail and what ever other part...*

    *Readies the bopper stick for any rather bad minds that the topic sparked* In any case... Guess I better get on to my introduction, i'll try to keep it short so as not to bore you all. Guess you can call me Dranslin here at FA, unless you come up with some other nic-name for me. *readies...