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  1. yakuzabadger

    mateless come to meet

    do you have a fursona or oc furry thats mateless well have no fear come here to find a suitible mate for them use this form name: age: best traits: worst traits: hieght: weight: species: perferred species: intrests: personality: sexuality: gender: name:connor mcgowan age:23 best...
  2. yakuzabadger

    yuko anagumo

    heres a little stuff about my fursona name:yuko anagumo sexuality:straight eyes:blue species:badger yiff?:yes mate:none age:21 color:whitehead and arms with one black stripe over both eyes and one stripe on each arm the rest of his body is brown drinks:a little smokes:no if you mean tabacco or...
  3. yakuzabadger

    its that tiem of year again =D

    sup gaiz well a little about me and alittle bout my fursona me name:alex style:punk favorite animal:badger age:15 music:punk metal some rap(icp, imortal technique, and eminem) fursuit:hell no i just like the art =T sex:yes please oh wait male >=( my fursona name:yuko anakumo style:yakuza...