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  1. abysssolider

    Needlepoint/digital badges/art SFW

    Again still looking for coms!
  2. abysssolider

    Needlepoint/digital badges/art SFW

    Bump! Still looking for commissions!
  3. abysssolider

    Needlepoint/digital badges/art SFW

    Ont top of the Needlepoint badges I have Im also now offering digital art as well! please take a look at the samples I have placed in the second spoiler! =D Thank you!
  4. abysssolider

    Needlepoint/digital badges/art SFW

    Just a reminder Im still looking for two commissions!
  5. abysssolider

    Needlepoint/digital badges/art SFW

    Hello everyone I am open for another 2 commissions of my Needle point badges! What are they you ask? Its your character cross stitched onto plastic canvas with a nice soft fleece backing. Its better than paper cause you dont have to worry about easily creasing them and they last quite a while...
  6. abysssolider

    Remember bad times are just times that are bad.

    Remember bad times are just times that are bad.
  7. abysssolider

    Badge Patches! $30

    Im open for commission for badge patches! What are badge patches? They are badges which are also patches so if you think you might bend those laminated pieces of art you did or someone else did you wont have to worry about that! Since they are hand stitched into the fabric they will bend...
  8. abysssolider

    Badge Patch Commish

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13187867/ So I know that i havent been very active on here cause I havent been drawing of doing anything that would be for this site as of late. But now I do Have stuff well one. This Is a badge patch as I call them. Its a character in this case Pico who I...
  9. abysssolider

    Some help on a potentual Cariou fursuit?

    Sooo I am thinking about making a fursuit of a caribou or a reindeer Its going to be a toony partial suit And i have like a ton of qustions so if you could help me guys it would be cool! Ok so first of all antlers i dont want them bare like a deer but the fuzzy antlers they have i was wondering...
  10. abysssolider

    Im looking for someone to do an Icon for me (my side payment inside)

    Hello!! So i was wondering if someone would please do an icon for me for an art trade? But the thing is im kinda picky on art style and stuff soo yeah all i ask if you offer is to include links to some work you have done :) If I like it ill message you! Now what I am willing to give is a badge...
  11. abysssolider

    Cheap Commissions for custom fursuit feet (up to 2 colors) and fattie badges :3

    So i know that im not in that big of a bind or anything but i am in need of some cash i am buying a hotel for a con which will be in end of juneish and well my check will not cover it :/ so...im open for commissions! ouo First is a pair of custom fursuit feets up to 2 colors with the option of...
  12. abysssolider

    Any requests... ?

    Humm would you mind doing a art of my character Nika? You could find a ref of her here. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6990389
  13. abysssolider

    Tail Help/Crit

    Ok soo Im making my first partial ever o-o and so far its been good but =n= i hit a road block already the tail i just dont get it i want one that attaches to a belt by elastic loops. I started with the tail last night made a patern i think is worth being a pattern and did a test tail just to...
  14. abysssolider

    Free Art: Sketches

    mind doing one of Nika? If s then awesome if not then its fine thank you for looking anyways :) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6990389
  15. abysssolider

    Signatures for FAF and other Forums

    The name you want on it: Nika If you want a small motto or catchphrase: That is one Foxy Super Hero Preferred colour scheme: A scheme that has her colors? A link to a pic of the character you want: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6990389 (she has a cape as well but its not in this one) Any...
  16. abysssolider

    Badges Trades?

    Hello everyone i was wondering if any of you would like to do a art trade? If so then please read ahead there are some things I want you to look at~! Samples~ Here are some samples of my badges I do! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7047337/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7040550...