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  1. Kobu

    Starcraft 2!!

    Having to be connected to Bnet to play single player is a little annoying, but at the same time, it's awesome cause you can talk to friends! Plus, it broadcasts achievements and shit. For me, it's not a big deal, because I'm never without the internet.
  2. Kobu

    If wolves are gay...

  3. Kobu

    A mundane's experience in regards to furries at Anthrocon

    Whoa, this thread got huge. Anyway, this is just some guy who had a bad experience with the fandom. How many people in the world have seen "normal humans" do/say something really fucked up? Many, many times. This shit happens. People in general are messed up, no matter what community they...
  4. Kobu

    What's the scariest horror game you've played?

    I was terrified of Dead Space. The sound direction was so amazing, I found myself jumping at every little ding. Eek!
  5. Kobu

    deaf furs?

    I'm not sure how you could think there aren't any deaf furs. Like... we all have perfect hearing? We also all have perfect vision.
  6. Kobu

    What do you do when the power is out?

    I usually just read, or play guitar or something.
  7. Kobu

    How did you and your mate meet?

    What's all this talk about money! I can say from personal experience that money doesn't make relationships work. You can be miserable no matter how much you're showered in gifts.
  8. Kobu

    Insects....cute or butt ugly? like them or hate them?

    Bugs are gross :\ They scare the hell out of me!
  9. Kobu

    How did you and your mate meet?

    My boyfriend and I met through a friend of mine. Romantic, amirite?
  10. Kobu

    The Young Turks' Anthrocon Video

    This angered me. Ignorant people are ignorant. ._.
  11. Kobu

    "Super Street Fighter 4 is nothing compared to what's coming"

    I'm excited! I played Super Street Fighter 4 as my first Street Fighter game. I played... Sokara? Uhh. I can't remember her name. I think she sucked. But I still loved the game! I wonder what's coming!!
  12. Kobu

    The Scientology Thread

    Scientology makes as much sense as... well... Christianty Not to knock Christianity. ^_^;):)
  13. Kobu

    So what do you guys think of transformation?

    This. Not that I think it's true. But one can definitely argue that point.
  14. Kobu

    So E3 has been over for a while...

    Portal 2 and Fallout:New Vegas are all that I really care about at the moment. ^_^
  15. Kobu

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Dragon Age: Origins! After chatting with some people on the forum, I decided to start again, since I had such a hard time. I'm doing better this time!!
  16. Kobu


    Three pages for a thread about bugs on a keyboard? What?!
  17. Kobu

    Do people's avatars

    I dunno. I'm not going to name names!!
  18. Kobu

    If you were a yiffstar (furry pornstar) what would your yiff name be?

    I can't think of anything! Everyone is so creative ;(:(
  19. Kobu

    Do people's avatars

    I like when people have pretty avatars, but beauty is subjective. What's pretty to me, may be ugly to someone else. For that reason, I don't judge people based on their avatars.
  20. Kobu

    Scalie Sci-fi 3d animation we made

    I liked it, that stuff is hard!! Good work ^_^