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  1. Syz

    Favorite pokemon?

    Latias ah yeah These three =) And Eevee and all the evolutions :D
  2. Syz

    If you left the forums, would people remember you?

    I'd just be gone D:
  3. Syz

    Your favourite color

    Either silver or the shade of blue known as ultramarine.
  4. Syz

    Funniest Moments of Your Life

    Freshmen year of highschool, watching our giant goth friend tackle our other friend who was dressed in a gorilla suit, after chasing him all around the field in the middle of campus.
  5. Syz

    Your Majors

    I'm majoring in Geology right now, but because I fail at all the other requirements (math, chem, physics) I'm changing it to a minor and majoring in Geography (Woo maps!)
  6. Syz

    The colour test

    Aww, I wanted the highest score -_- being colorblind sucks sometimes... 236
  7. Syz

    Things in video games that annoy the @#%$ out of you.

    Metroids. The best/worst part of any Metroid game. Especially in the impact crater in Metroid Prime (the original) "I'll just jump onto this toothy thing now..." *SCREEEE!!!!!* "OHFUCKITSONMYFACE!!! Didn't I just kill like 5 of you??" *falls into phazon and has to use powerbombs to...
  8. Syz

    Movin' out West!

    We have lake Havasu, Lake Mead (the largest man made lake in the U.S.), Lake Powell..uh, Skiing destinations in Flagstaff and Tucson (Mount Lemmon). Plenty of national parks and such, too. I understand how you could not like it here though, I have a friend whose originally from Boston and he...
  9. Syz

    Movin' out West!

    I almost cried. Arizona has plenty of attractions for tourists, Grand Canyon anyone? Just opening up a copy of Arizona highways is enough to see how much stuff there is here, but yea, nothing interesting really happens..no one's perfect.
  10. Syz

    MSPaint your Day

    Lots of TF2, oh and packing for school.
  11. Syz

    Orgasmic Foods

    In-n-out Burger oh yeah.
  12. Syz

    How tall?

    I'm 5'9"..My friends must all be short, 'cause they think I'm tall..
  13. Syz

    Thought I'd say hi 'cause I never did

    O.o I'll keep going then
  14. Syz

    Thought I'd say hi 'cause I never did

    well, what else could there be? my hobbies? (videogames..teh internets..and the natural world) my physique? (normal height, but very very skinny) uh..my..favorite kinds of music? (jazz and techno!)
  15. Syz

    Thought I'd say hi 'cause I never did

    Yeah, that makes sense XD well, let's see, I'm a grey fox. I can't draw, but I occasionally play music...that sounds a bit better, eh?
  16. Syz

    Thought I'd say hi 'cause I never did

    ..Hi there!
  17. Syz

    Random and/or pointless facts?

    I have licked my elbow.
  18. Syz

    What do you have in your pockets?

    A comb, I always have one within' easy reach...that's it
  19. Syz

    What did you get called at school?

    let's see here -my entire name, which is rather long -3 years in high school my math teacher's just called me "Hamm" (my last name) -Hambone..that's obvious -that one girl in band always called me Hitler..aparently she thinks I look like him mostly people just call me by my first name
  20. Syz

    Spring Forward

    Yay for living in Arizona :D no daylight savings FTW