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  1. AdamLeisemann

    originality vs simplicity

    To me, it depends on how well done it is. A species melting pot is not a problem. A monospecies set-up is not a problem. Just so long as such things are done competently. Basically, I'm Neutral. (Or is that "Unaligned" now?)
  2. AdamLeisemann

    Just for fun: Furry Comedy

    Just for fun, let's see about your favorite furry jokes, about the fandom or about furries in general. The only rules are the following: No refuge in vulgarity, as we have to keep things to a PG-13 level for the forums. Verbal Jokes only. No flashes, no lolcats. Consider this your chance to do...
  3. AdamLeisemann

    Literary Furry Sword & Sorcery?

    First, to define: Sword and Sorcery explicitly refers to fantasy works with graphic battle scenes, savage swordplay, and supernatural elements that are NOT to be trusted unless you are well versed in the arts of sorcery (and even then, there is still plenty of risk). It's not really a form of...
  4. AdamLeisemann

    Where would your furry live?

    Most of my furs are city furs. Their times would depend on the setting.
  5. AdamLeisemann

    kitsune or fox?

    Actually, kitsune tails come primarily through chronological age. You start with one tail, and get another tail for every century you live. At least that's how the stories (including a little Mercades Lackey (sp??)) go. However, due to shapeshifting abilities, they can appear at whatever age...
  6. AdamLeisemann

    Instances of Furry "fan dumb"?

    Okay. Back on topic folks. We're looking for furries doing the fan-dumb (tm), not trolls.
  7. AdamLeisemann

    kitsune or fox?

    Literally, you would be right. However, the fandom has taken up an extra mystique to "Kitsune." In fact, opne could say that the kitsune is a specific kind of fox. Namely, a fox with supernatural powers and (usually) multiple tails (usually up to nine). Here is a sampling of kitsune powers...
  8. AdamLeisemann

    Instances of Furry "fan dumb"?

    Well, if you do argue, hopefully we can keep it civil. :)
  9. AdamLeisemann

    kitsune or fox?

    Also, think of all the grooming you'd have to do every morning. :-D
  10. AdamLeisemann

    kitsune or fox?

    Shame there's no "I like them all equally" option. Oh well.
  11. AdamLeisemann

    Instances of Furry "fan dumb"?

    A lot of folks were duped. I know what you mean about the "moral" defenses. They're all pretty hard to buy, and I still don't quite buy the legal defenses.
  12. AdamLeisemann

    Instances of Furry "fan dumb"?

    First, to give you a sense of what this thread is about, click this link. Basically, have you seen cases online of "true" furry fans doing the following: Acting like self-appointed watchdogs of the fandom. (A la the Burned Furs) Always complains about how furry has gotten worse than "what it...
  13. AdamLeisemann

    What do you like more, Clean or Yiffy

    Clean: Frankly, the prevalence of porn is one of the worst contributors to the reputation furries have. Nothing against those furs who like their porn, but the porn is indeed far too public for the good of the fandom.
  14. AdamLeisemann

    Feral or Anthro..

    Anthro. Without hands, we'd miss some of the tool-using abilities that make all our conveniences possible. Besides, I just can't imagine typing with paws and not being able to cook the meat I get.
  15. AdamLeisemann

    It's like having a furry kid that does't speak.

    Kids themselves are more trouble than they're worth. Wild animals are a worse idea than even that, as you don't even have the excuse of propagating your species.
  16. AdamLeisemann

    Good or Evil?

    Unaligned for the most part, but it kinda depends on which character.
  17. AdamLeisemann

    Hi, I'm a flaming faggot with rainbow hair.

    Hi there. *puts a marshmellow on a stick and holds it over the newcomer* I can't say for sure what a campfire is doing with hair, especially raindow hair, but if you're true to the claim in the thread name, yoyu should be able to roast a marshmallow all the same. :-p [An in case this flies...
  18. AdamLeisemann

    Furry cartoons?

    The Plague Dogs, another adult animated film by the UK, though a fully uncut version will have to come from Australia according to Wikipedia.
  19. AdamLeisemann

    Crazy thought: Reverse Furries

    I wouldn't say too much, but certainly not too little.
  20. AdamLeisemann

    Crazy thought: Reverse Furries

    What quirks does the cat show that imply humanity?