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  1. Freddydanger

    Animated Pixel Icons - 25$

    Hello everyone, my name is Freddy and I am offering pixel icon commissions at the moment. Please look over the examples and read the information below. Single icon simple expression: 35$ Couple Icon: 45$ (example is out of time, sorry) Triple Icon: 60$ I will do any size you wish for...
  2. Freddydanger

    Beginner - Sewing Machine Help

    Hi. I don't know where to post this, but I'm at my witt's end. I have looked all over my area for someone willing to teach me to sew for a year, and nobody is available. I am disabled and struggle a lot with learning, and was looking specifically for a one on one teacher. I go to college in...
  3. Freddydanger

    Scenecore / Furrycore Server

    Hello all! I am making a post to advertise my furrycore / scenecore / 2000s webculture discord server. This server's main focuses are helping people with disabilities make friends, and allowing a space for furries and scene kids to create. We love artists and have many channels to advertise...
  4. Freddydanger

    Pixel Icon Commissions (20$+)

    FREDDYDANGER'S PIXEL ICON COMMISSIONS Hello! My name is Freddy. I love to pixel. I am offering pixel icon commissions. Here are the rules and prices: - I can deny any commission. - No NSFW / suggestive content in the icons. - Don't steal / claim as your own. - If you use the icon offsite...