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  1. DocFGeek

    Funniest thing you did or have done at school.

    Served a plate with two quail fucking. The recipe called for two per plate, so... Playing with your food in culinary school is way fun.
  2. DocFGeek


    While we're on the subject, I'll just leave this here... Professor Elemental - Brown Cup of Joy
  3. DocFGeek

    It's getting better all the tie-eh-ime

    Carry it with you at ALL TIMES! Just a few weeks ago, I just finished my first Moleskine, which I first started in June of last year. I don't keep a blog or anything, so any idle thoughts, or ramblings about the day, I just wrote down. The weight of that little journal in my pocket kept...
  4. DocFGeek


    Chai is the only tea I like with milk and sugar, all other tea I've had neat. With the chai I drink (Tazo organic) I taste more of the black pepper and ginger when drank neat. With milk and sugar, the cinnamon and cardamom come out in the flavour, and the clove comes out a lot more as an aromatic.
  5. DocFGeek

    Favorite Beer?

    Smirnoff Ice Mike's Hard Lemonade Guiness, in a pint glass, 2 minutes after the pour Samuel Adam's Pale Ale Killian's Irish Red Dos Equis Heineken
  6. DocFGeek

    It's getting better all the tie-eh-ime

    Cook (helps I do this for a living; always in a good mood) Drink some tea Drink some wine (for really bad days) Have a smoke (Blacks for bad days, cigars for really bad days) Go on a walk Write in my Moleskine
  7. DocFGeek


    Masala chai (sipping some now with some milk and sugar) Earl grey Green Oolong Yerba Mate
  8. DocFGeek

    A town for furries?

    You say that like we haven't already. Yet still we manage somehow to dig deeper into the bedrock... Sorry, went to a dark place there for a sec.
  9. DocFGeek

    Allo allo. *gives you a cookie*

    Personally, what I'd do is saute the parsnips and potatoes, both cut to about 1/2 inch dice with some of the harissa sauce you used to marinade the chicken in. Once they're cooked, keep cooking the sauce so it reduces into a thick sauce you can put on the chicken.
  10. DocFGeek

    Allo allo. *gives you a cookie*

    You might want to cook the sweet potatoes and parsnips separately; both are fairly hardly vegetables, and likely won't be cooked all the way through by the time your chicken breasts are done.
  11. DocFGeek

    Single Greatest Furry Comic?

    I second (or third...or fifth?) the motion on Circles. But I'm not content with just one to list. To add to the list, Hepcats. Really early (back when we were still called "funny animals") furry comic series from the mid 80's, with a fantastic, and very realistic feeling slice-of-life story...
  12. DocFGeek

    A town for furries?

    How many furries do you think are willing to do the "dirty jobs" that need to be done in order for a town to function? Like taking out the trash (as in to a landfill/recycling center, NOT the curb), or unclogging toilets, or hell, even just washing dishes! Unless the community AS A WHOLE...
  13. DocFGeek

    Band Breakups (You wish hadn't happened)

    Stabbing Westward. Last metal/alternative band I listened to before I went easy listening with SomaFM's Groove Salad.
  14. DocFGeek

    Best Videogame Intro

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYxmCYp_nG0 I get goosebumps every time I watch this; can just feel the adrenaline.
  15. DocFGeek

    Allo allo. *gives you a cookie*

    What's worse, is that I've already had experience of working in a lovely kitchen where I actually had to debug the food; making your pun even more horrible. What's worse, is it was a spiced subprimal cut of beef....such a waste.
  16. DocFGeek

    Talking to younger people on the Internet

    After having that "you're making me feel OLD" feeling too many times with people I've talked to online, I've kind of geared my interaction with said individuals as the "mature teacher". You know...an adult. Which is kind of silly, since my online interaction with people considerably younger than...
  17. DocFGeek

    Furs by College/University 2

    Alumni of Ivy Tech Community College - Lafayette, Indiana, USA Currently attending International Culinary School @ The Art Institute - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
  18. DocFGeek

    Allo allo. *gives you a cookie*

    Ohh...there's actually ways to "troubleshoot" food. Try making mayonnaise or hollandaise, and you'll know what I mean.
  19. DocFGeek

    Looking for furry comic

    I'm kind of partial to The Whiteboard. Kind of a small demographic of readers though (furries who play paintball). I like how furries in the comic are just everyday as the "everyman" (as the writer calls the non-furry characters), but they can still make fun of the fact that they're fuzzy. I...
  20. DocFGeek

    Does your character affect your eating habits?

    My training as a chef affects my eating habits more than anything. Since attending culinary school, I've adopted a "weekday veg" diet; meat only on weekends, ovo-lacto vegetarian diet the rest of the week. Problem is, my classes are during the week, and I have to taste everything. EVERYTHING. o.o