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  1. Lethe5683

    How much alcohol do you consume?

    "How much alcohol do you consume?" Yes.
  2. Lethe5683

    Help me make my main o.c

    Even if asking for help with a new character, it would probably be best if you provided at least some information about them. Also, what picture do you mean?
  3. Lethe5683

    Being single

    I'm single and would love someone who suits my weirdness, unfortunately I'm certain such a person does not exist.
  4. Lethe5683

    Furries of the World!

    That's just what I got when I looked up the lat/lon of my town.
  5. Lethe5683

    Furries of the World!

    Latitude: 41.482594° Longitude: -73.409569°
  6. Lethe5683

    If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?

    Of course! Unless you mean the mostly human kind, in which case meh.
  7. Lethe5683

    why are you a furry

    Because that's just the way I am. I love non-human-like anthros (from most species at least) and can't tolerate anything else, as my own character that is, other people can be whatever they like it doesn't bother me.
  8. Lethe5683

    Furry as a side hobby and my weird relationship with the fandom

    No I think you're actually a lot more common than extreme hard core furries like myself. I've been a furry for as long as I can remember and would almost rather die than loose this aspect of myself. But I'm pretty sure I'm in the vast minority. Edit: Even I don't make the furry fandom "THE...
  9. Lethe5683

    How would you rather die?

    Freezing definitely.
  10. Lethe5683

    My Fursona

    Spore was kind of fun. It got boring too fast though because even on hard it's too easy and it's annoyingly difficult to make any species that I want to look correct at all. The only realistic thing I can make is birds!
  11. Lethe5683

    furry games Rock!!!!

    Oblivion has lots of mods and I enjoyed experimenting with the mod maker.
  12. Lethe5683

    Do any of you guys play Final Fantasy XI?

    I used to but after playing EQ2 I have little desire to return. Even if I wanted to the graphics are so harsh they hurt my eyes.
  13. Lethe5683


    I can forgive but not without vengeance.
  14. Lethe5683


    Basically a "full" partial fursuit if that makes any sense. Not an actual fursuit but a collection of as many parts possible without being too bulky.
  15. Lethe5683

    A serious, awkward question

    Not quite, but humans aren't anywhere near as attractive as most furries.
  16. Lethe5683

    furry games Rock!!!!

    If by furry game you mean any game with a anthro character in it than: - EQ2 - Oblivion (although I have played that so much that I'm perma-bored of it now) - Starfox - Probably something else that I don't remember.
  17. Lethe5683

    Gamespy Reviews Furcadia

  18. Lethe5683

    furry pride!

    My thoughts exactly.
  19. Lethe5683

    furry pride!

    Why does it bother you so much?
  20. Lethe5683

    Sick of the furry stigma!

    If you don't like repedative issues you could just ignore it.