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  1. Krystalynn


    Good mod, overall. Played it in its early days. IMO, better than CoD4 in most aspects.
  2. Krystalynn

    Half-Life 2 Zombie Mods?

    Try ZombieMaster if you haven't already. Survivors have to win objectives after fighting through traps/zombie placements/etc placed by the Zombie Master (a randomly selected player who gets an RTS view of the game map and resources.) Survivors more or less have to rely on one another to...
  3. Krystalynn


    Auction website, serves a purpose. I use it on occasion.
  4. Krystalynn

    Warhammer Online Furs Steam Group :)

    Whooo. Warhammer. Awesome game, but has trouble running with my SLI config. Blehhhh EA~ Also, Sorceresses are fun. Yay, Dark Elves.
  5. Krystalynn


    I've not tinkered with either of those yet, but I've played most of the day today on destruction. So far, I have to say, minus the server lag, overall I'm quite impressed. The game is really good, although sadly not all the promised classes made it, it is still a really solid and good game. (And...
  6. Krystalynn

    Transexual/Transgendered furries?

    There's more than you think. Many abound. They have eyes everywhere.
  7. Krystalynn


    Warhammer Online, with the release looming over, and the new Beta keys handed out by mmorpg.com, anyone picking it up, or acquired a Beta key as I have? Anyone who has played who can give some opinions? I'm personally not sold on it quite yet, as I only have reviews to go on. However, come...
  8. Krystalynn

    Anyone riding out Hurricane Gustav?

    I'm over here in Houston, where they thought it might go originally, or at least they around here did. We'll be getting some of the rain in a day or so, but, sucks to actually be in it.~
  9. Krystalynn

    lets cheer eachother up...pots funny images/videos here

    Forgot where I found this, been in my photobucket a while. Funny, and speaks truly.
  10. Krystalynn

    MSPaint your Day

    Drawing... some hand thing holding a stone bursting out of the ground? In MSPaint with a mouse. Think that's a monk and some sort of gravestone behind there. Dunno. That was more or less the highlight of my day.
  11. Krystalynn

    Hellboy 2? *spoilers possible*

    It kicked ass. Was really fun to see in the movies. Also, short response because I don't want to give away any spoilers. (Until someone else goes ahead.)
  12. Krystalynn

    PS3 furries may like this

    I wonder how well it will actually work? It's a good idea in theory, but can they program it enough to be as lively as they show in the little video there? Will take a lot of AI programming, eh? And how to make sure it reacts properly and accordingly to different objects and such.
  13. Krystalynn

    Did you lose your cheerful mood as a furry ?

    No, but I lost what remained of my faith in humanity.
  14. Krystalynn

    Second Choices

    A top hat.
  15. Krystalynn

    Furs by Area Code

    I feel so lonely with my 713. No one else is in Houston! Blar. Or even 281's.
  16. Krystalynn

    Who here plays combat arms?

    Whoops. My name is Dragonessii and not Randragoness. I forgot. But is the blood and profanity filters locked a bug, or what? To see blood, being 19 isn't old enough? O.-.o Silly Koreans
  17. Krystalynn

    Who here plays combat arms?

    I'm confused. I can not enable blood or turn off the profanity filter. Why is that?
  18. Krystalynn

    Who here plays combat arms?

    Nexon doesn't allow you to change the email on your account.
  19. Krystalynn

    Who here plays combat arms?

    Was exploring their site thing after it popped up as an advertisement. How is it? Like, overall. Technical standpoint, gameplay, etc etc. Anything that can actually destroy gameplay? (Major glitches and such, cause it is free), and is it just a hell of a fun time?