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  1. Dranslin

    Defiance (Third Person Shooter MMO) Beta - Any Interest?

    Ah alright, that matches up with expectations then. :P I can't really objectively say one way or the other on this game. Despite your statement, did you want to give the beta a shot?
  2. Dranslin

    Defiance (Third Person Shooter MMO) Beta - Any Interest?

    If you don't mind my asking, what platform do you usually play on?
  3. Dranslin

    Defiance (Third Person Shooter MMO) Beta - Any Interest?

    Hey fellow furs, I was wondering if anyone around has any interest in giving Defiance a shot (http://www.defiance.com/en/ for those that don't know what it is). I may or may not be working on the team or know someone on the team (x3) So there is a very good chance that I can get people into...
  4. Dranslin

    League of Legends. Awesome dota clone! (HoN players welcome!)

    I played LoL (well still do but Havn't been since my mate has been staying with me... He's got a vendetta against it) and loved it. I tried HoN thanks to the lion up there but I just couldn't get into it... the items are ALL over the place, not to mention the fact that you loose a very large...
  5. Dranslin

    Wanting art =3

  6. Dranslin

    Looking for Aion Legion

    I remember reading a journal posted a while ago about a furry legion/guild in Aion, I believe it was on the Ariel server, asmodan side. Was wondering if anyone could confirm or tell me where any others were and tell me who to contact about joining?
  7. Dranslin

    Dragon Warrior Monsters!

    Thats one game I still do have, in fact I went and played it yesterday when I lost a unit in fire eblem :D
  8. Dranslin

    Favorite weapon in a game

    CS:S Dualies, bullpup and the saw. (pardon my mis spelling on everything I just woke up a lil bit ago x.x) I have a saying every time I pick up a machine gun... "The sheer amount of bullets I put out is greater than the position of your head at any given moment in time" :D L4D: Dual pistols...
  9. Dranslin

    Looking for other players! >.>

    *in imitation of the Heavy from TF2* Maybe... *snif* Maybe... Awesome, looking forward to it :D
  10. Dranslin

    Looking for other players! >.>

    Well since i've been getting tired of the constant solo ply when ever I go into a game (aside from when i'm playing with my mate which hasn't been to often lately) looking to group up or at least speak with other furs while playing. Games i'm in: Horizons: Empire of Istaria (currently...
  11. Dranslin

    TF2 Voice Static

    A: No B: Yes C: Yes D: Mmm... I've tabbed out during the game and checked, it doesn't change my mic's input line. With the microphone boost i've tested it with each setting of windows and TF2 mic boost on and off. No change.
  12. Dranslin

    Post your Steam ID :3

    If anyone wants to play with me my steam is simply Dranslin. I normally play TF2 on the furry pound or Cciscool servers, will sometimes play CS:S on public servers. One thing to note, I share this acct with my brother so if the name Battrea shows up, 's not me.
  13. Dranslin

    TF2 Voice Static

    Heh this has probably been asked before here... but i'll post anyways, repost of my journal by the by:http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/659358/ Alright, this has been driving me mad and has stumped me short of going and getting a new sound card... I havn't yet because I don't have the money...
  14. Dranslin

    whats ur mood right now?

    My mood, really excited right now actually.
  15. Dranslin

    My humble (or extravigant) abode.

    Sure! Feel free to message me any time contact info is up on my FA http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dranslin/ *chuckle* Hey this room wasn't made to go and get people laid this is just my room to lounge in, the laying room is somewhere else. ;p
  16. Dranslin

    Where do you live?

    Pity I saw someone native from my area, pity the post was from '07. I'm here in San Diego, California. Anyone about send me a PM! :D
  17. Dranslin

    My humble (or extravigant) abode.

    Mmm I have to say, sadly that may not be a bad thing because family has a tendancy to come in at the worse possible times... that and the fact that it would probably be easily heard. But I like mah Dragons! :p Hehe
  18. Dranslin

    My humble (or extravigant) abode.

    I got this kinda spur of the moment idea but figured what the heck i'll go through with it, who knows, mabye it'll start a trend. If you feel like it follow in my steps and go and show us what your room looks like, be it your bedroom or the room you spend the most time in. For me in both...
  19. Dranslin

    Red Light Cameras in California

    Mmm, mind you i've only got a couple years of driving under my belt and no tickets but to my experience if you are already past the line when it turns you're fine. I had one of those cameras snap me when i was visiting my friends in San Juan Capistrano but nothing followed, *shrugs* then again...
  20. Dranslin

    Furs by Area Code

    619 Here on all numbers.