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  1. AdamLeisemann

    Just for fun: Furry Comedy

    Just for fun, let's see about your favorite furry jokes, about the fandom or about furries in general. The only rules are the following: No refuge in vulgarity, as we have to keep things to a PG-13 level for the forums. Verbal Jokes only. No flashes, no lolcats. Consider this your chance to do...
  2. AdamLeisemann

    Literary Furry Sword & Sorcery?

    First, to define: Sword and Sorcery explicitly refers to fantasy works with graphic battle scenes, savage swordplay, and supernatural elements that are NOT to be trusted unless you are well versed in the arts of sorcery (and even then, there is still plenty of risk). It's not really a form of...
  3. AdamLeisemann

    Instances of Furry "fan dumb"?

    First, to give you a sense of what this thread is about, click this link. Basically, have you seen cases online of "true" furry fans doing the following: Acting like self-appointed watchdogs of the fandom. (A la the Burned Furs) Always complains about how furry has gotten worse than "what it...
  4. AdamLeisemann

    Crazy thought: Reverse Furries

    As I beleive many of you know: A not-insignificant portion of the furry fandom seems to be fixed on the notion of humans with "deep spiritual connections" to animals; people who genuinely beleive that they are animal spirits in human bodies. Not to judge this idea, but here's something to...
  5. AdamLeisemann

    Question: Furs as explained in fiction

    This is just a matter of curiosity. This a question about explaining the existance of furries in fiction, such as the furry aliens of certain science fiction settings or the toons of Who Framed Roger Rabbit or even the fellow species/races and animal spirits of fantasy and the "hidden...
  6. AdamLeisemann

    Justifiers RPG: Anyone heard of it? Where can a copy be acquired?

    [I am posting this question on this forum as RPGs are technically publications, and this one involves a furry RPG. Thank you for your time and tolerance.] If you don't know what Justifiers is, here's a quick summation from RPG.net: I am asking because my brother is looking for the core...
  7. AdamLeisemann

    Not another new guy...

    Hi. I'm yet another new fellow to the forums.