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  1. Subrosa

    Tattoos - A Discussion.

    I like em, they have to mean something to you personally in my opinion. I have two, one across my shoulders and one on the right of my pelvis, I'm planning for more, just a matter of finding the time and cash to get them done. If someone else doesn't like it fuck 'em, as long as you like it...
  2. Subrosa

    Your Relation to Your Fursona

    preeeety much me, anything I change about myself I change about my fursona.
  3. Subrosa

    Not fat at all.

    people use the art to escape from real life, either because it's easier than working on what they'd like to look like or they're in denial. regardless, if you want to get fit, do a split.
  4. Subrosa

    Anyone else hate furries?

    stating obvious human flaws thinks it's insightful, lol.
  5. Subrosa

    Your first real relationship?

    before I came out, I had two relationships I'd classify as a proper relationship and not a fling, both with girls. too much crap to go into to describe how those went. one lasted about a year and a bit, the other lasted nearly two years. First real relationship since I came out is the one I'm...
  6. Subrosa

    Do you actually bother to learn about your 'species'?

    I guess like allot of us I watched heaps of docco's on wild animals, I had a few favourite animals I'd learn as much as I could about. not so much now days
  7. Subrosa

    Long Hair

    couple years, get a trim every month or it'll end up shit. leave in conditioners help
  8. Subrosa

    Are human beings animals?

    I wouldn't put humans in such high regard as to call them animals
  9. Subrosa

    Taurs: Are they "real" furries?

    They don't have to be bipedal to be considered anthropomorphic.
  10. Subrosa


    no secrets, but still nothing i'm going to say here.
  11. Subrosa

    I need YOUR opinion on the furry fandom. In one sentence.

    if asked, I'd probably just say "it's weird, don't ask me about it"
  12. Subrosa

    Fakefurs -.-;

    WTF? Why would you honestly care? as long as they're a nice person, why should it matter?
  13. Subrosa

    Tattoos!!! Who has one?

    I have two, one across my shoulders and one on my pelvis. pics are old, I had them touched up yesterday. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4619032 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4603310
  14. Subrosa

    Furdom is pricey

    Everything is expensive, any hobby, eg BMX, over a few years you'd spend hundreds just maintaining your ride (from broken parts and upgrades). It depends how involved you want to be, or if you feel like forking out the cash, I don't spend anything I can't afford or justify, I haven't...
  15. Subrosa

    Being Called by Your Species Name

    some people call me "kitty" or "kitty cat" I don't mind it, although I've never had a nickname that stuck.
  16. Subrosa

    Do you feel like some animals react differently to you?

    Only thing I can think of is that I've never been swooped by a magpie. I don't know if they can't be bothered or what but, I've walked by places where they've been swooping other people and they just look at me.
  17. Subrosa

    How good of a social person are you in person outside the internet?

    I'm much better off the net that I am on it.
  18. Subrosa

    So if a channel like this existed.....

    I don't watch TV, so no.
  19. Subrosa

    Furries and depression.

    I'm pretty sure it's just humans in general.
  20. Subrosa

    Do you need to try that much harder to make friends?

    I have a few friends in the fandom, although if someone isn't involved in your life I find it hard to invest any cemented emotional attachment to them. Out of all the friends I have there are only about 4 that i'd do anything for, gun to my head, me or them, pull the trigger.