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  1. Emmaelou

    Anyone going to TinyPaws Con?

    I will be attending this conventions first year! I was wondering if any furs were perhaps doing the same? tinypawscon.org: TinyPaws_Con 2017 September 8-10 It is the closest convention to me (being a mere 30 minutes away!) so I'm hoping to attend hopefully, future years of the con as well.
  2. Emmaelou

    Traditional Badges

    Hello everyone! I thought I'd post here displaying the various traditional badges I am open for making! I hope that you'll find my prices fair, and I'm even willing to haggle a certain amount for you to be able to get the badge you'd like! (For anything 18+ I do require some form of proof to...
  3. Emmaelou


    Hello everyone! I'm not exactly /new/ to the FurAffinity community, as I've been posting my art for quite awhile. However, I've never taken the time to actually use the forums and thought.. Hey why not? For anyone curious, I am Emmaelou/Jayx! I am both a digital and traditional artist (though I...