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  1. Buccura

    Dirk Wolffang, a furry Wolfenstein 3D style game I made for a DOS themed Game Jam!

    Play as the big swol wolf Dirk Wolffang and he fights his way to Commander Ragescales! A Wolfenstein 3D inspired FPS with 4 levels that end with a boss fight! Essentially a proof of concept for the DOS Game Jam that I may expand on one day with more levels, enemies, weapons and a proper story...
  2. Buccura

    Tommy Wiseau plays Mortal Kombat

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nxp83CimT0w&feature=feedu I... I..... um.... I don't.... I mean.... I.... huh? Stick around until the end to really go "Uh...whoa... I mean... huh?"
  3. Buccura

    GPU Help.

    I think my 9800GT is either dying, dead, or having serious over heating problems. I loaded up Bad Company 2 and when I get into a game, the texture had green flickers all over the screen and seemed to crash. So, I reset the computer and check device manager and it reads the card just fine...
  4. Buccura

    Have you ever noticed...

    That Furoticon and Otacon are very similar sounding?
  5. Buccura

    Random funfact:

    Did you know that Alésia Glidewell, the model for Chell from Portal, voiced Krystal in Star Fox Assault? The moar you KNOOOOOOOOOOOOW
  6. Buccura

    That's it, time to go home, video games are over folks.

    Why you ask? Because of this. I have to commend this franchise because whenever I try to look at it in a more positive light, it always finds some creative way to make me hate it all over again. This is truly an amazing franchise. On the other hand this would be a very fun game to troll on.
  7. Buccura

    Changing aspect ratios on widescreen monitors

    I have a 20' widescreen Dell monitor S2009W and, unlike of course the older monitors, there is no option on the monitor setting to squeeze the image. I've hopped various tech forums, but I am wondering if anyone here knows a way to change the aspect ratio to a standard 4:3 for when I play games...
  8. Buccura

    Crysis or Fallout 3?

    I have a PC fully capable to play both these games, so I'm wondering which one I should get? I am considering Fallout 3 however I already started up a new Oblivion game so I am wondering if I should just get Crysis instead. Both of these are games I want and I may just get both of them, but...
  9. Buccura

    How much of a performance increase do you get from a 6MB CPU to a 12MB CPU?

    I'm looking at getting a new Desktop, and right now one thing I"m trying to decide is my CPU. The two options I'm looking at is onet hat is an Intel Core 2 6MB at 3.16 ghz, and another one that is 12MB at 2.89 or so GHZ (I'd give more specific details but the Dell site is acting a bit weird at...
  10. Buccura

    NTLDR is missing. Halp plz.

    So I am now getting an error when I boot up my gaming PC in which before it gets to the Windows XP loading screen, it tells me NTLDR is missing. I read this is because apparently windows or the BIOS is trying to read the wrong drive. I tried fiddling around in the BIOS setup screen but nothing...
  11. Buccura

    Should I get pokemon Platinum even though I have not yet beaten Diamond?

    I still have not beaten Pokemon Diamond and I can't seem to get a clear answer from reviews, so I just want to ask those who have played it. Should I just go ahead and pick this up, or should I beat Diamond first? I am up to 6 badges and don't really wanna go through training my Pokemon again...
  12. Buccura

    Suirano is accepting commissions, needs money for big awesome project.

    :iconsuirano: is accepting commissions and is willing to draw pretty much anything for good prices. He needs the money for an important project. The project is a visit to California so I can ra- get to know him even better than we do now and try to develop our relationship even further in...
  13. Buccura

    PETA wants to turn fish into kittens!

    http://www.peta.org/sea_Kittens/about.asp In their efforts to control the problem of over fishing, the geniuses at PETA came up with a brilliant idea! Lets change the name of fish, to Sea Kittens! Because no one will want to put a hook through a kitten! Oh yeah, I'm sure that will fix the...
  14. Buccura

    Obama is going to change the world

  15. Buccura

    Memory problem?

    This is a problem I have been having for a while. I will be playing a game (Or sometimes nothing at all) and I will get the Blue Screen of death. It recommends disabling BIOs Caching and/or shadowing. Would be nice if I was able to, because I cannot find that option. My dad says it is a memory...
  16. Buccura

    360 gets no audio/video

    I turned on my 360 right and I can hear it power up and everything start to run (And feel the heat from it), yet I get no audio or video from the TV. I check to make sure the cables are plugged in right and everything, yet I get nothing. I'm not getting a tell tale Red Ring or anything. Any...
  17. Buccura

    Assassin's Creed: 360 or PC version?

    I may be getting a 360 soon and am in a bide. I really want to get Assassin's Creed, but I'm not sure what version to get. The way I see it, these are what the two versions have; PC: Potential Pros: Mods, Tweaking, and other sorts of customization Potential Cons: Might not run that...
  18. Buccura

    Your 5 most over-rated games of all time

    What games do you think are the most over-rated or over-hyped? Keep in mind that OVER-RATED DOES NOT MEAN YOU THINK THE GAME SUCKS, matter of fact most the games on my list I rather enjoy. It simply means you feel it gets too much credit. Mine are, in no particular order; 1: Final Fantasy VII...
  19. Buccura

    Any Thief fans out there?

    I was wondering if there was anyone else here besides me who is a HUGE fan of the Thief series. To give a brief description, there are 3 games in the series, Thief: The Dark Project, Thief II: The Metal Age, and Thief III: Deadly Shadows. The Dark Project, along with Metal Gear Solid and Tenchu...
  20. Buccura

    Random system reboots, power supply or firewire problem?

    Lately, my system seems to randomly reboot itself without any warning or notice. I thought this might be a general heat problem so I used an air compressor and blew out all the dust in the system. I load it back up and still at certain points it does an automatic reboot. I noticed that it does...