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  1. Iron-Wolf

    Is this a furry habit?

    Once I accidentally ate a handful of Snausages. They tasted like stale Combos. In fact as I recall I told my friend "Aw dude, these Combos are so stale!" He retorted, "Oh, that's cause those are treats for my mom's faggy Chihuahua." "Why the fuck would she keep them in a candy dish on the coffee...
  2. Iron-Wolf

    Your view on being petted or scritched.

    I'm a pretty big fan of the scritches, I have to know you first though, and even then it helps to ask my permission first.
  3. Iron-Wolf

    Thoughts about male underwears

    Boxer briefs are where it's at. It's like a couch for your balls.
  4. Iron-Wolf

    looking for PA furs

    I'm currently hanging around Shippensburg PA. It's between Carlisle and Gettysburg... basically where all the hunter camo wearing hillbillies come from. Ever in the area, I'll hang out with ya.
  5. Iron-Wolf

    marital status?

    I used to have a great relationship... until the whore cheat on me.
  6. Iron-Wolf

    "Athletic Furries": an Oxymoron?

    Body by: US Army! ...except for my belly. Belly by: Beer!
  7. Iron-Wolf

    Combat ready!

    Well, I'm a soldier, and my fursona is pretty much just me... as a wolf. So I'm gonna go ahead and say yeah, very combat ready.
  8. Iron-Wolf

    How do you consider your self:Weight wise

    I'll say a little above average. The Army keeps me in pretty good shape, my arms and legs are pretty muscled. But I've still got a bit of a squishy belly on account of all the delicious beer.
  9. Iron-Wolf

    Guns >:D

    While I own many firearms, being a gun collector and all. The one I have a license to carry is a Sig Sauer P226 9mm pistol, I usually use standard hollow point 9mm bullets, but I also have a few clips of polymer tipped rounds. My next pistol purchase is probably going to be an H&K USP .45.
  10. Iron-Wolf

    Permanent Partner?

    - Yes - It's a she - No, not a furry, but doesn't mind that I am - It was hard gaining a lasting meaningful relationship in the army, but she being a soldier herself makes it easy for each of us to understand and cope with each others lifestyle.
  11. Iron-Wolf

    Things you do when your bored.

    Masturbate... or challenge squad mates to assorted ridiculous eating contests.
  12. Iron-Wolf

    Do you have.

    I'm monochromatic colorblind. (Sees the world in black and white.)
  13. Iron-Wolf

    How did you meet your otherhalf? Or are you still looking for your special otherhalf?

    Re: How did you meet your otherhalf? Or are you still looking for your special otherh After being single for so long, I never would have guessed I would meet the love of my life in the army of all places.
  14. Iron-Wolf

    Furnation Closing Down

    I'm actually a little sad the site's going down. I was never really affiliated with nor interacted much with it. But it was the first site I stumbled upon as a fledgling furry those many many years ago. I'll always remember it.
  15. Iron-Wolf

    IRL Trolling. Be it light or mean. Want your opinions

    I'm telling ya dude. Start lifting weights, and most all ridicule stops PDQ. Worked wonders for me. People don't like to make fun of jacked guys to their face.
  16. Iron-Wolf

    Religions, Philosophies, and the Fandom

    I'm Orthodox Catholic, but it's mostly just to make my family happy. I'm not a vigilant church goer.
  17. Iron-Wolf

    How do you shower?

    Only the weak shower with water! I use 80 grit sandpaper!
  18. Iron-Wolf

    Lol Lego

    Legos are the shiznit! I'm a 22 year old man, and I'm still not above playing with legos.
  19. Iron-Wolf

    Can you speak a different language?

    I speak English, took four years of Spanish but don't remember a word of it, however, thanks to my grandparents, I speak Russian pretty well. Ukrainian to be exact, but in my opinion it's all the same damn thing, I can understand Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Polish, Belorussian, and Slovak.
  20. Iron-Wolf

    Relationships ?!?

    Well, I'm currently in a relationship with a non-fur. She's great about it though, even goes to furmeets with me. She thinks it's cute, and just a hobby of mine that isn't really hurting anyone, so she's fine with me doing what I like. Besides, I'm actually starting to get her into the whole...