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  1. Krystalynn


    Warhammer Online, with the release looming over, and the new Beta keys handed out by mmorpg.com, anyone picking it up, or acquired a Beta key as I have? Anyone who has played who can give some opinions? I'm personally not sold on it quite yet, as I only have reviews to go on. However, come...
  2. Krystalynn


    Digging this long out of its grave - Anyone still play it? I don't, haven't touched it for years, actually, but was digging through my CD collecting and found my copy of PS and Core Combat (" " " " Urban " " " " Combat, psh.) I'm mostly curious because I was browsing 'round the community forums...
  3. Krystalynn

    World of Warcrack strikes back.

    Damn it, told myself I'd never resubscribe. Alas, boredom intervened and I found an old 60 day card collecting dust on a bookshelf. Soooo. Does anyone happen to play on Sargeras, or any other realms of consequence? Used to be on Ysera, but decided to want to just start anew somewhere. So, where...
  4. Krystalynn

    Fallout 3 is just a copy of BioShock

    SERIOUSLY! LOOK AT THE STYLE! IT'S SUCH A RIPOFF OF BIOSHOCK. FALLOUT SUCKS! Or other various arguments of that nature. Am I the only one who feels like jamming superheated rebarb into the ears of the next person who tries to compare BioShock to Fallout? Fallout is THE ORIGINAL. If...
  5. Krystalynn

    Other's opinions

    Yeah, kind of seeking some opinions on these two pieces I did. They're for a game project I'm working on (required for my major). Keep in mind these are early stage conceptual ideas, and are very NOT refined. But I'm curious about anyone else's ideas or comments regarding 'em. Concept 1...
  6. Krystalynn

    Artists, I challenge you.

    Draw a Gnomish quasi-hexagonal hyper manual ulti powered small-to-medium-job-sometimes-for-bashing-but-mostly-for-utilities digging machine.
  7. Krystalynn


    Well, this is kind of a discussion topic, but with the looming venture (or threat) of a new Dune movie scheduled for 2010 in the works, I'm curious, what do you all think in regards of the two prior attempts at putting the book onto the screen? By this I mean the original movie versus the...
  8. Krystalynn


    Next to me, I have my recently rebuilt and formerly my main computer. I plan to use it as a server, but as of right now, it has a new harddrive in it, with absolutely no operating system. So, I was wondering. How would Windows 3.1 run on it? :o
  9. Krystalynn

    So, furry things.

    Any of you fuzzy things in the area of Houston, Texass? Figured I might as well throw up a query post, too.
  10. Krystalynn


    So close to starting and finishing the story behind my fursona/chracter's existance. And yet, I can't think of the right word to start it off with. >.-.< So, I ask of any of you's. Toss out some words. Any good starting words. The, And, Once, so forth. I need help to get my brain case...
  11. Krystalynn

    EverQuest 2?

    So who here plays EverQuest 2, and what server? I'm looking to start over, unless any of you play on the Oasis server.
  12. Krystalynn


    http://planetunreal.gamespy.com/fullstory.php?id=144463 Unreal Tournament 3 demo is out tomorrow!
  13. Krystalynn

    Laser Maglights

  14. Krystalynn


    I bring greetings and well meetings! Ello, not much to say here. Dragoness of rawrs~ Tilde key is ftw~ I'm a non stereotypical fuzzy of multiple talents, and untalents, subtalents, and no talents! I do writing, random sketching, and various other thingamagigs. And, my mind is kind of...