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  1. MaelstromEyre

    Sweet Tooth

    So looking forward to this one. . .
  2. MaelstromEyre

    Are You Looking for Work?

    Here in the states, people who have been laid off due to COVID-19 business closures can collect an additional $600/week on top of their regular unemployment check. I know it's helped a lot of people, but at the end of this month, the bonus is scheduled to end. I have been working the whole...
  3. MaelstromEyre

    If You're Laid Off

    Whether you're out of work or a student whose school closed for the remaining school year and you're not sure what to do about income, remember that there are still "essential jobs" out there in the USA that are HIRING. Some may require little to no experience, such as work in a grocery store...
  4. MaelstromEyre

    "Sticky" Request?

    In the General Discussion topic, could there be a sticky topic for the subject of "What brought you to the furry fandom" posts? It seems like every two weeks, someone is posting that question.
  5. MaelstromEyre

    Trying to Find a Comic

    I'm looking for a short comic, I saw it a few years ago but can't remember the artist or what page it was posted on. It depicted a female furry/anthro getting on the Internet, and almost immediately swamped by messages from guys trying to hit on her. Possibly dick pics. The comic ends with...
  6. MaelstromEyre

    How "fast" do you expect responses?

    I know many in this forum have grown up in an age of email, text messages, and cell phones. When you contact someone, you expect them to get back to you in a couple of hours. Personally, I get back when I am able, and I guess that bothers people. The other day I posted a YCH bid, which I got...
  7. MaelstromEyre

    Alteria - Real-time Medieval Furry RP

    If you are on the Second Life grid, there is a roleplay area called Alteria where furry (anthro or feral) characters are welcome, along with other races. Set in a medieval world, the city of Valneth was once the jewel of the kingdom; a thriving trade port where merchants from around the world...
  8. MaelstromEyre

    Maelstrom the Akhlut (bio)

    Name: Maelstrom Eyre Age: Roughly mid-thirties Sex: Female Species: Akhlut (Mythological Inuit creature that is part wolf, part orca) Height: About 5'8" not including the ears Weight: About 150lbs Appearance: - Hair and fur: Her fur is short and dense. Hair on her head is black, it is long and...
  9. MaelstromEyre

    Tala, furs!

    I have been on FA for a while but never really got onto the forums. My name is Maelstrom Eyre, my fursona is a creature from Inuit mythology called an Akhlut. It is part wolf, part orca, and can shift from an anthro, upright wolf form to a mermaid-like aquatic form. I'm not an artist, though...