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  1. pheonix

    Need a room for megaplex

    So I finally got my vacation request approved at work only to find out all the rooms at the hotel are already booked. Looking for anyone who has space friday to sunday at the con hotel. Haven't got to go in 2 years so really don't want to miss another one. Message me and lets talk some business.
  2. pheonix

    Furries and responsability, etc

    So co-organizing a tri county group of furs, I noticed something that tends to happen more often then not. Furries of varying ages that live with their parents and don't have jobs, or just mooch off of others. Is this a normal fandom thing? I know sometimes we need help in our lives, but to...
  3. pheonix

    Being suid for texting a driver

    So on CBS this morning I saw an interesting story about 2 people texting, one driving and one wasn't even there. So of course the moron slams into the back of a car and injures 2 people. I can understand them suing him cause he wasn't paying attention and his stupidity caused them harm, but...
  4. pheonix

    best meal ever.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iEDyTqubiM What's new pussycat? woah woah woah woah.
  5. pheonix

    AVG 2011

    Apparently lots of people are having problems with the new AVG antivirus software, saying it finds things that aren't a threat and even that the program itself is a virus so I've opted to remove it and get a new program. I've used Avira and it was good, but I want to get a good anivirus I've...
  6. pheonix

    Bug/Site Problem: Security issue

    idk if I'm the only one here getting the message but I keep getting this security message every single time I load up an FA page- You have requested an encrypted page that contains some unencrypted information. Information that you see or enter on this page could easily be read by a third...
  7. pheonix

    Is it true?

    I just heard that the Egypt president stepped down, but I know that's true. What I want to know is the army really throwing cookies and brownies from tanks to all the people? They just said that on the news just now and there's gotta be some miscommunication with that statement.
  8. pheonix

    fox's are mans original best friend

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/20110204/sc_livescience/prehistoriccemeteryrevealsmanandfoxwerepals And fox furs get a +1...I guess...
  9. pheonix

    Lenovo laptop

    So I ended up getting a laptop made by Lenovo. Apparently it's IBM's brand of laptop, or so the guy in the compusa told me. I got it cause of price and the nice things it has but I was wondering if Lenovo laptops last and how good they actually are? Anyone ever own/use one and can reassure me...
  10. pheonix

    Rape hole?

    http://i496.photobucket.com/albums/rr324/pheonix_013/043.jpg It says you can't but it instructs you to.
  11. pheonix

    Which is better?

    With that said which is better? An asshole or a flaccid penis?
  12. pheonix

    wtf is this fishy shit?

    I just got asked to do a survey about furaffinity.net from some Dymanet thing. Has anyone else had this happen? Cause them saying I can get free stuff makes it sound like someone's trying to hit people with a virus or something on this site. Someone should like, look into that or something so...
  13. pheonix

    What song...

    would you most like to die too? I'd choose the song Greenday- Time Of Your life or Manowar- Warriors Of The World. I'm drunk so have fun with this or someth9ing. Yeah.
  14. pheonix

    How to save money.

    Everyone's struggling with the failing economy so why not take after these people. There's no need for moving trucks! http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=2e9_1258491064
  15. pheonix

    Mysterious problem.

    So I've been on dozens of sites looking for a solution to this problem and now it's time to bring this bad boy here. So my aunts computer (hp pavillion a430n running XP sp2) has a blank desktop with only the backround in regular and safe mode. Now I keep seeing people saying press ctrl+alt+del...
  16. pheonix


    I have a laptop cooler and it's not working at all. (It's a Targus) Now I have an HP Pavillion dv9000 and I'm wondering what cooler I should get or a detailed explanation on how to take apart the shell and clean the fan. I'm sick and tired of getting cut off during my work so hopefully someone...
  17. pheonix

    Butter vs Margarine

    This is interesting. Margarine was originally manufactured to fatten turkeys. When it killed the turkeys, the people who had put all the money into the research wanted a payback so they put their heads together to figure out what to do with this product to get their money back. It was a white...
  18. pheonix

    funny xat thing

    So I'm fucking with the translator and making English to Spanish. Someone said brb fapping so I decided to mimic it and see what it came out to. Well the outcome was this. "brb fapping [fapping CUB] so brb fapping means you'r fapping a cub....or something. tl;dr: don't say brb fapping to...
  19. pheonix


    POST COUNT OVER 9000!!!!!!!! *crushes post count reader*
  20. pheonix

    I did something terrible...

    and deserve to be tared and feathered. It doubles as an experiment as to how socially inept I am as well. I made a myspace and if you know me then it's a big deal. It's true what they say, you do really dumb shit while drunk. What's the most recent imbecilic thing you've done? (Doesn't have to...