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  1. Kalithe

    Furry Conventions... Your opinions?

    I know that there is a "What to expect at your first convention" thread already, but this isn't asking what to expect. I would like to ask what you, as conventioneers, think OF these conventions. I'm not looking for "Oh, well it's fun and fluffy and junk...". If you do this, expect a PM with a...
  2. Kalithe

    Taking free requests

    Greetings guys! I'm Kalithe, and (go figure...) I'm a digital artist. Since I have been drawing for a relatively short time and only learn by practicing ( I'm entirely self taught), I would like for the opportunity to improve my art while also satisfying the needs of people that want decent art...
  3. Kalithe

    New Scalie

    Hey guys! I'm "Kalithe", a brand-spankin' new member of Fur Affinity. I was one of the few smart enough to do research on furries without making judgements based on popular viewing sources. I took a look and was actually impressed with what I saw. A buddy of mine asked if I wanted to attend a...