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  1. Sealterbloind

    Need name help from Hawaiian furs!

    Oh cool, now I really want to check out the rest of those names too! ^v^<3 I love the name Papu since in my language (Finnish) that means "bean" :3
  2. Sealterbloind

    Need name help from Hawaiian furs!

    I'm making a character design that I'm hoping to name with a Hawaiian themed name, and I'm struggling to find words/names that don't turn into something weird when I use Google translate... ^^" So, I thought to ask help with all the lovely people here in hopes for maybe finding someone who...
  3. Sealterbloind

    How to pick a first fursona?

    There's no rush in deciding your fursona, take your time and most importantly: Think about what you like! ^^ My first proper fursona was a protogen because I liked the way they look, but ended up never feeling that connected to her. However; I ended up making a new fursona for myself this year...
  4. Sealterbloind

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Anthro Moodboard Character Designs (30$-40$ each)

    I have three moodboard based anthro character designs that I'm looking to sell or trade in Toyhouse! Starseeker Badger Sunset Squirrel Soothsayer Sloth I'm mostly looking for real currency 30$-40$, payments via Paypal, but I'm also lowkey interested in character trades. Just make sure to check...
  5. Sealterbloind

    What Are You Listening To?

    Out of my league by Fitz and the Tantrums
  6. Sealterbloind

    Free Art: Realistic Styled Headshots (closed)

    Your art and style are beautiful, I had to watch you on FA right away! :O <3 I'd love to get a headshot of my newest fursona Beanie, if you're still open for headshot requests! Not sure how much will be showing of her chest area, but you can draw her with her glasses and earrings in some...
  7. Sealterbloind

    Heyy, I haven't actually been here for a while as you might have noticed :'3 My last year in art...

    Heyy, I haven't actually been here for a while as you might have noticed :'3 My last year in art school just started and I'm already stressed :'D
  8. Sealterbloind

    Separate accounts for SFW and NSFW art?

    Just a simple question for other fellow artists here: Do you have separate accounts for SFW and NSFW art..? I have been thinking of maybe being interested to draw some NSFW art in the future, but I'm really not sure what would be the best way to proceed forward :< Has anyone without a separate...
  9. Sealterbloind

    What do you guys do when you’re bored?

    If I have energy and inspiration I draw or play, but if I'm feeling lazy or tired I will spend my time on Flight Rising ^^
  10. Sealterbloind

    Give a job to the furry above you!

    Flowershop owner/florist! ^^
  11. Sealterbloind

    Cultural Appreciation

    Hmm, as a Finn my first thought is "we don't have anything special here", but after giving it some thought, here's some neat stuff from Finland: 1.) Sauna There's really nothing more Finnish than sauna! The one thing I really miss about living with my parents house was to have your own...