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  1. Kalithe

    The Origins Of Your Username

    When I first started the fandom, I was looking up stuff on dragon languagest and the like xD I came across "Kalith", which meant courage. So that was his name! When I went to make a Fur Affinity, however, some fuzzbutt already stole the spelling. So I became hipster, put an "e" at the end, and...
  2. Kalithe

    Is furry a thing you are secretive about?

    I don't exactly scream from the top of the rafters "IM A DRAGON, RAAAWRRWERRR!!!" That being said, it is on my Facebook and I am more than happy to answer any questions of those that want to ask them. My 4 best friends know and many others have any opportunity to notice and ask about it, but I...
  3. Kalithe

    Too old for furry fandom?

    Well, you've already earned my respect. The way that you've constructed your replies as thoughtful, complete responses with nothing but the highest grammatical accuracy is fairly commendable, especially considering the stunning lack of that level-type posting. In addition, the fandom is...
  4. Kalithe

    Furry Conventions... Your opinions?

    Haha. Thanks. I'd love to go to a furmeet or smaller convention, but there are NONE in Southeast Georgia :3 Kingsland, to be specific.
  5. Kalithe

    Furry Schools

    I don't believe homosexuality is a choice, so much as a sexual orientation. Someone can be the child of a gay couple, yet still grow up and decide to be bisexual or heterosexual. It all depends on what you are into and what gender(s) you like. That is all on that subject. Now, for the fandom...
  6. Kalithe


    You honestly can't go wrong with anything studied straight from real life. The mannequins don't have that flexible backbone, so positioning them will make them look like Optimus Prime in the aftermath of a seizure. Instead, as your talking with friends or walking around, take mental pictures...
  7. Kalithe

    Furry Conventions... Your opinions?

    I know that there is a "What to expect at your first convention" thread already, but this isn't asking what to expect. I would like to ask what you, as conventioneers, think OF these conventions. I'm not looking for "Oh, well it's fun and fluffy and junk...". If you do this, expect a PM with a...
  8. Kalithe

    >>>Minecraft Server: Miner's Paradise<<<

    This souds great :3 MC Name: tacokisses Age: 17 (18 in a couple months :3) I am looking for a server that is fun, fur-friendly, and not over-run by super plugins ._.
  9. Kalithe

    Just saying, you're supposed to post your responses on MY profile. Otherwise, I won't know that...

    Just saying, you're supposed to post your responses on MY profile. Otherwise, I won't know that you responded! Anywho, I'll PM you my Skype name! And the "relaxing" part made me laugh a bit. I am by no means relaxing :/
  10. Kalithe

    Taking free requests

    Sure! If you can note me with your email, I will be sure to get it to you once over around to it. Thanks for your patience!
  11. Kalithe

    Taking free requests

    @Anubite: Unfortunately, I'm done with this thread after I finish the requests ^.=.^ Sorry bud! @Kyfox: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8212050/ Your request is finished! Huzante's request will be coming up next!
  12. Kalithe

    Haha. It's fine ^.=.^ And actually, yes I do! I use Skype A LOT, so that's what I give to my...

    Haha. It's fine ^.=.^ And actually, yes I do! I use Skype A LOT, so that's what I give to my buddies :3
  13. Kalithe

    Taking free requests

    Don't mention it guys! I just returned from the Naval Academy and will be taking a few days to recover and get back into the groove. I should have some art done by Monday, so stand by for uploads ^.=.^ Also, if you could, can you post reviews on here after I finish your art? I just would like...
  14. Kalithe

    Haha. Well, thanks for finding my post. Unfortunately, requests are temporarily closed because...

    Haha. Well, thanks for finding my post. Unfortunately, requests are temporarily closed because my requests are extending straight out of my tail ^.=.^ I'll be reopening them, however, when I finish the requests. Keep checking and I'll tell you when they're reopened!
  15. Kalithe

    Taking free requests

    Well, I have a quick update: I'm goin to the Naval Academy Summer Seminar for the next week until Thursday. I'll try and finish off Kyfox's request, but will not be doing any more art until the 16th. Again, thank you requesters. I have had some good practice thanks to you.
  16. Kalithe

    Draw Xion with your Fursona ^.=.^ Details inside

    After I get back from the NASS, I'll definately take on this task :D
  17. Kalithe

    What have you submitted to FA recently?

    My first official Speed Paint Video was done last week x3 And I just finished my second anthro EVER :D
  18. Kalithe

    Just Another Newbie

    As long as you punctuate accordingly, I don't think that you'll get too many trolls x3 Basically, as long as your text can be read, then you're in the clear. And welcome to the dark side of Fur Affinity :D Enjoy your stay ^.=.^
  19. Kalithe

    Taking free requests

    It's fine ^.=.^ I'll update it now, actually. I just finished the picture for Zenia! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8132324/ Time to start on Kyfox's picture :D
  20. Kalithe

    Taking free requests

    Yes I am and I saw that :D I just need you to give me your Fur Affinity page and you're all set ^.=.^ ! ATTENTION ! My requests are now temporarily closed since all of my slots are completely filled. I am going to start immediately on the art work and will update this page in a timely manner...